One Less Curse launches for another summer of fantasy baseball. BD4 is now the third name change of our fantasy baseball team. If you followed us last year, you’d remember that we were once Ondskans Imperium then fucking savages. Follow our season as we try to win a championship in our fourth season.


Ondskans Imperium turned into fucking savages about the same time (July 18, 2019) that Aaron Boone went off on the umpires for their management of the strike zone. Follow our rise from last year’s 10th place finish to our 8th place finish this season in One Less Curse.


Top of the Rock returns for their third season in The Price is Right. After back to back last-place finishes, there is only one direction this team can go …and that is up!

Top of the Rock is the new name of our NHL fantasy hockey team in The Price is Right. Follow our second season as we try to make the playoffs for the first time. The challenge in this league is that rosters get set on Monday and can’t be altered throughout the week.

Canyon of Heroes is the re-branded Tre Kronor in the King’s Bros 3 NHL fantasy hockey pool. After a semi-final finish in year one, we were a bottom dweller in our second season. Follow our third season as we look to claw our way back to contender status. 


After the draft day, they all laughed at us. We were supposed to be 3-11 and finished 8-8. Can Pinstripe Bowl continue to make strides towards the playoffs and win or take a step back? Find out more during our second season in Ladies and Edelman. 

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After four seasons of chasing the title in several different leagues as Dawn of the Patriots, it was time for a re-brand. Pinstripe Bowl joins Ladies and Edelman as one of the original eight teams in the new league. Follow our season as we try to make the playoffs and win our first ever fantasy championship.

In an attempt to add more stress to our lives, we renewed our Pick’em League team. Despite finishing in the last place for the second straight season, we did pull off a perfect week (16-0) in Week 13. Can we repeat that again in 2019?



Thanks to Audible, I have been able to expand my baseball book collection and knowledge of the game. Although most of these reviews will consist of books about the New York Yankees, I have been able to look back at the history of my favourite franchise and their many colourful characters.


Somewhere in the closet is my journalist career. I thought these articles needed to be dusted off and shared with people who wonder why I write. These early assignments included high school sports, adult community leagues, and various other pieces. Some of these articles have action pictures I took to support the story.