’19 Fantasy Baseball Week 6


The sixth week of Yahoo’s Fantasy Baseball covered games between Monday, May 6 to Sunday, May 12, 2019. Ondskans Imperium showed up for six days and had our asses handed to us for the majority of it. The matchup was seriously over by Tuesday no matter what the final stats say.

Here’s what happened on Black Tuesday; our batters went 3/40 at the plate for a sparkling 0.075 daily batting average. They managed three runs and two RBIs, but that horrible day at the plate sunk all our hopes of making a comeback. Quite honestly, has there ever been such a lousy day for batters in fantasy baseball history? We know that we are dramatizing the situation, but has an all-star line up ever gone 3/40 before??


The weekly matchup was all but over by the middle of the week. The looming defeat allowed us to do plenty of research to fix the sinking ship. There wasn’t much of a point to alter the team midweek, so we waited until Sunday night to make some moves.

In preparation for week seven, we dropped struggling INF Tim Beckham (Seattle) and picked up catcher James McCann from the White Sox. Buster Posey (San Francisco) went down with a concussion in the middle the week and was placed on the DL7. I wasn’t able to pick up a second catcher in the draft, so Posey has been our only guy all season. If he were injured long term, it would be slim pickings on the backup catcher pile.

Utility man Jeff McNeil (New York Mets) has been on our radar for weeks. We don’t recall reading about him in any fantasy advice columns, we just see that he compiled a whole bunch of hits and is ranked 12th overall in the big leagues with 50. He’s been selected to help win the hitting category every week.

When Posey comes back, McCann will go, and we keep updating our trading block list. At this point, we may even consider trading a big-time player for something.

Matchup and Scores


Ondskans Imperium took on Puig Farm in week six and enjoyed being on the wrong side of the season’s most significant beat down.

As you can see, things looked great on Monday…


Standings and Team Stats


Second place was a beautiful place, for one week, so now we cling to the final playoff spot at fourth overall. DODGE this! is starting to build a little bit of lead and sadly the Yankees are digging a hole they may never get out of.

Every week when we break down the team stats, it only gets worse. After the draft, we thought that our team was going to be lights out in the pitching department and then smack our way to the batting title. Well as fate would have it, our overall batting is at or near the bottom, and our pitching is middle of the pack at best. A handful of strikeouts separate us from falling out of first place because our pitchers can’t win or collect saves.

These numbers make us think that our draft was a failure because we are far from meeting our projected goals, and our record is starting to show those flaws.


Where the Matchup is Won and Loss: The Bench Players

It may be time to evaluate our General Manager’s abilities to manage a daily lineup.

In a perfect world, we could have come out with a much better showing this past week. As you can see, seven runs on the bench wouldn’t have won the category, but those two home runs would have caused a tie. Throw in seven additional RBIs, and we win our second category by three. We would have never won the stolen base category, but factor in a 0.350 average on the bench and we could have won our third category with a 0.298 average.

Pitching was a lost cause all week, and the final numbers seem close, but it really wasn’t.


Players: Best and Worse

Best Hitter: Mike Moustakas (INF – Milwaukee) scored 12 points for the team this past week. He collected 4 R / 1 HR / 5 RBI / 1 SB, but batted a miserable 0.172.

Worse Hitter: Tim Beckham (INF – Seattle) is no longer on the team because he didn’t score a single point in six games while batting a crazy 0.111.

Best Pitcher: Gerrit Cole (SP – Houston) was our best pitcher for the second straight week. He collected two wins and struck out a total of 21 batters. His ERA was 3.65, and his WHIP was 0.89.

Worse Pitcher: Marcus Stroman (SP – Toronto) is now an impressive 1-6. In his only start of the week against the Chicago White Sox, he went 6.1 innings, collected only four strikeouts, while serving up a 6.55 ERA and 1.64 WHIP.

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of the Ondskan Imperium 2019 Fantasy Baseball season.

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