’19 NFL Pick’Em Week 3

We got off to a hot start on this week’s Pick’Em sheet by predicting eight of the first nine games correctly. The afternoon games were not so kind to us as a 1-4 record brought us back to reality. A win and loss capped the last two games of the week, which brought our record to 10-6 on the week.

Once Upon a Time in NE Picks


Thursday Night Football: Tennessee @ Jacksonville (+1)

Jacksonville has now scored the most points so far on Thursday night. In the battle of AFC South cellar-dwellers, someone had to win.

Cincinnati @ Buffalo (+1)

Very quietly Buffalo has jumped out to a 3-0 start and tops of the AFC East. I am not sure many people thought that next week’s battle against the Patriots could decide the division in week 4.

Miami @ Dallas (+1)

Miami will score another touchdown at some point. I’d hate to be on the team that gives it up. The Cowboys are 3-0, and that has to mean that all roads to Miami go through Dallas now?

Denver @ Green Bay (+1)

Last week I bet against Green Bay at home. This week I didn’t make the same mistake twice. Weird to see Denver is at 0-3, but some of their fantasy guys are lighting it up.

Atlanta @ Indianapolis (+1)

I’m still a firm believer that Atlanta is a mess and won’t put up much of a challenge this season. Indianapolis is doing alright without Andrew Luck.

Baltimore @ Kansas City (+1)

Baltimore may be one of the best teams in the league. I thought Kansas City would bring them back to reality, yet it was almost too close to call at the buzzer.

Oakland @ Minnesota (-1)

I don’t know why I just thought Oakland could have pulled this off. Maybe they knew Antonio Brown was available again and that messed with their minds.

New York Jets @ New England (+1)

After a shut out through half-time, I thought the Patriots defence would pitch me another shut out. Then again, I wanted Le’Von Bell to score.

Carolina @ Arizona (-1)

I didn’t think Carolina had life in them after Cam Newton. I was wrong, and they put up almost 40 points. There is still learning to do in Arizona, but it’s not like some other places.

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay (-1)

Tampa Bay may not be the league’s biggest threat, but I wasn’t on board with the Daniel Jones movement yet. I was quite surprised by the results. Whether it was blind luck or actual skill will be determined.

Houston @ Los Angeles Chargers (-1)

This game was the tale of two halves. One team did all the work in the first half and the winners in the second half. Houston is always a good bet, and I wasn’t feeling it this week.

Pittsburgh @ San Francisco (+1)

I love how terrible Pittsburgh is. There was never talk about a rebuild, but it’s time to blow that entire team up and start over. Good for San Francisco for another win and their undefeated season continues.

New Orleans @ Seattle (-1)

I guess that the post-Drew Brees Saints won’t be a dumpster fire after all. I was shocked that they walked into Seattle and scored 33 points against a team that rarely loses in their barn.

Sunday Night Football: Los Angeles Rams @ Cleveland (+1)

The Rams are defending NFC champions and remain a team to wrecking with at 3-0. Cleveland, despite its talent, does what Cleveland usually does, loses.

Monday Night Football: Chicago @ Washington (-1)

Chicago finally showed up for a game. So much for betting against those guys. Maybe they turned a corner, or perhaps Washington is this bad.

Standings & Group Picks

Thanks to an impressive 15 games over 0.500, we sit in fourth place in the league. That’s five games out of first and nine games out of last. 

For some reason, we were the only team to pick Oakland over Minnesota and Washington over Chicago. So much for doing research and relying on “experts” to aid in our selections.

Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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