’19 Fantasy Baseball Week 24 (Playoffs)


After 24 weeks, the fantasy baseball season is over. Our competitive season ended two weeks when we were eliminated from the postseason. After losing the opening matchup in the consolation bracket, we were in the seventh and eighth place game this past week. We finished eighth overall in the standings and ended the season in the same place.


We did not make a single transaction during the final week of the season.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 49/60



The final score may have been 7-2, but there were a few categories that could have gone either way. Chod’s Team beat us by one run, one win, and two strikeouts. If either team had hit another home run, that category wouldn’t have been a tie.

To be completely honest here, except for compiling New York Yankees players, we had all but given up on the season. It would have been fun to finish in seventh or even place higher. Instead, our team faltered when it mattered the most down the stretch.

week24dailyAs you can see from above, we were in for a messy final week. It got closer on Wednesday, but by Friday and Saturday, it was all over.



Congratulations to Puig Farm…I mean Bad News Bears for winning the league. Last year’s champion ItsNotRyanItsRyne finished out of the playoffs and landed in fifth place.

We finished two spots higher (8th) than last year’s 10th place finish. We tried a different strategy at the draft, which included a personal record seven mock drafts, only to slightly improve overall.



As you can see, that one run on the bench cost us the opportunity to tie the category. The two RBIs wouldn’t have mattered much since we lost by 11. Mike Ford’s 0.500 batting average wouldn’t have tipped the scales our way either. 

You may be surprised that we left Max Scherzer on the bench for a start. Thankfully he had a miserable game, 6.75 ERA and 1.05 WHIP, for him to bring our numbers down. His 11 strikeouts would have given us a category win, but we were probably never going to win the matchup.


We won’t dig too much into the team stats, because we will save it for the season recap.


Best Hitter: Jeff McNeil – INF/OF New York Mets
14 points = 6 R / 3 HR / 5 RBI / 0 SB / 0.308 BA

Worse Hitter: Buster Posey – C San Francisco
0 points = 0 R / 0 HR / 0 RBI / 0 SB / 0.250 BA

Best Pitcher: Luis Severino – SP New York Yankees 
14 points = 1 W / 13 Ks / 0.00 ERA / 0.78 WHIP

Worse Pitcher: Domingo German – SP New York Yankees
2 points = 0 W / 2 Ks / 1.29 ERA / 0.57 WHIP

Thank you for following Ondskan Imperium fucking savages’ 2019 Fantasy Baseball season. 

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