Top of the Rock win 7-2-1, improve to 2-2 on young season

Top of the Rock brought their record back to 0.500 with their second win of the season to remain in the third seed. 

This season is playing out much like last season, where The Rock opened up strong and then entered a seven-game losing streak that put them in the basement of the league for the second straight season. 

As this wild and crazy NHL season continues, we can only hope that the team we assembled this season can continue to be productive and victorious. 

Here’s a recap of the last week’s action. 

Our week four matchup may have gone 7-2-1 in our favour, yet it was really anyone’s ball game at the final buzzer. The Rock’s players had an enormous advantage, with seven extra games on our schedule, which meant that the projections would have favoured us, so a loss would have been a missed opportunity.

Out of the nine categories that we registered points in, four of them were decided by two or fewer points, two less than 10 points, with two other ones less than 20 points. We were able to walk away with goals (4-3), assists (10-8), and power-play points (7-6). In regards to the goalies, they collected two wins to our zero. 

Hanz&Franz won plus/minus by eight, and we won penalty minutes by the same number. After a few close categories win, we widen the gap in shots (67-50), save percentage (0.935-0.922) and goals-against average (2.02-2.49). 

We were cruising right long regarding daily scores, holding the lead for the first three days of the matchup. Tuesday provide us with a 7-1-2 advantage, which we had surrounded to our opponents by the end of Thursday, 3-4-3. Hanz&Franz enjoyed a two-day lead that came to an end by Saturday night. We turned the tide and regained our commanding lead, closing out the matchup on Sunday with a 7-2-1 score.

With another week of games in the books, our overall team numbers didn’t change much from the previous week. The largest statistical jump was in penalty minutes, where our 18 minutes this past week put us in the top five overall in the league. Our plus/minus took the worse beating of the season (-9), which dropped us to the 11th spot, second worse in the league. 

Unfortunately, our goalies remain the worse tandem in the league regarding wins (4) and shutouts (0). Their goals-against average and save percentage improved slightly, putting us in the sixth spot overall.  

Top of the Rock improved their overall matchup record to 2-2, which kept the team in third place. We currently sit two points out first (B Galli), one point behind the defending champions Benn Tallon Sens Won for second place, and just two points ahead of Bettmans Bubble in fourth. 

All six playoff contenders play with a record better than 0.500, while the remaining six teams struggle to find the win column. At least everyone has reached double digits in category wins, while five teams have already eclipsed the 20 win mark. 

Everyone has been active with roster moves, thanks in part to the NHL postponing so many games. Managing rosters this season has been by far the most complicated mess in fantasy league history.

It was a very quiet week on the bench, with New York Rangers forward Mika Zibanejad occupying the pine all by himself. His production went unnoticed with no points, just seven shots, and a -1 rating. He has yet to find himself in the starting lineup, despite being our first selection (11th overall) in the entry draft.

27 points 1 point

Reigning playoff MVP Victor Hedman (Tampa Bay) earned his first best player award of the regular season, collecting 27 points. The anchor for the Lightning defence had five assists with eight penalty minutes and four power-play points. He collected nine shots on goals and had a +1 rating.

It was tough to give Mattias Ekholm (Nashville) the worse player award during the matchup because he missed some time for his daughter’s birth. However, he returned to action and got injured the next game, where he only had two shots and a -1 rating in his only outing of the week. 

Covid-19 has hampered our ability to manage our team and ice a winning lineup on a nightly basis. We lost four players to postponements during our week four matchup, which filled up the bench and IR spots.

Gabriel Landeskog (Colorado) is still out as the date of this publication, while Minnesota had all their games cancelled, costing us defenceman Jonas Brodin and center Joel Eriksson Ek. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, we also lost Ekholm, which opened up four spots in the starting lineup. 

We circled back to Erik Gustafsson (Philadelphia) for his second tour of duty and then grabbed Hampus Lindholm (Anaheim) to fill out our defence pairings.

Weekly Move Total: 2/4 

Season Move Total: 7/50

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