4 Penn Plaza collect another W, clinch sixth seed in upcoming playoffs


In case you didn’t know or have forgotten by now, 4 Penn Plaza opened the season undefeated in their first five contests. The gang then dropped five in a row, which witnessed them stumbled in the standings and clung to the sixth seed for the last few weeks. 

Pressure and time never seemed to matter as the team traded more wins and losses, finally getting to a 6-6 record on the season. The Plaza’s seventh win in week 13 finally punched their ticket to the postseason, a franchise first. 

When people look back at the 2020-21 shortened fantasy basketball season, they will probably argue that 4 Penn Plaza were so successful because of their matchups. As the team winds down the season, they have some very favourable matchups, which should help the team build confidence in the playoffs.


4 Penn Plaza improved to 2-0 on the season against the eighth-seeded Shooters Shoot after their 1296.00-951.50 win in week 13. Although The Plaza didn’t score 1336.69 points as they did in their previous matchup against Shooters (week four), they did hold them to under 1000 points again, beating the last score by 20.60 (972.10-951.50). Except for the week one matchup against Giannis Akumpo, Shooters Shoot was the only team we held to under 1000 points in consecutive games.


Week 13 was the third time this season that we were ahead in the matchup for all seven days, joining weeks four and five as the only weeks we were undefeated throughout the week. 

The Plaza jumped out to a commanding 239.80 point lead after the opening night and never looked back as they secured the victory by 344.50 points, the third-largest margin of victory this season. 

We averaged 185.14 daily points, and the matchup deficit ran up to 256.16. The closest Shooter Shoot got to us was on Tuesday, when the deficit was just 101.70 points. Three days the deficit was over 300, and three days were over 200. The matchup was all but over after Saturday night when 4 Penn Plaza crossed the 1000 point mark, and their opponents hadn’t even eclipsed 900.


When we discussed the team statistics in the week 12 recap, The Plaza became the second-best team in rebounds. That week’s loss marked the first time the team wasn’t the top team for collecting rebounds. Hopefully, the team can overcome the 83 point deficit in the category and regain the spot they held for 84% of the season. The numbers show that we average 290 rebounds a week, so anything is possible. 

Since rebounds have become a sour subject in the dressing room, we are clinging to the top spot in turnovers, but just a single point. No matter what happens in the standings or the playoffs, we are proud of our accomplishments in the team statistics since we are either in first or second place in four of the six categories. 

Our inability to score points or collect assists may have hurt us in the record department, but we did aim to be the best team in steals and blocks, which we have accomplished.



The Bubble season winds down next week, and there are still a few left to be determined. Damn KD has all but locked up the top spot and should be our first-round opponent in the playoffs. 

After that, the four spots in between are still very much alive. Ka’Wine & Dine and Caldwell-Pope Mobile have 10-3 records and a difference of 1309.80 points scored. The pair only faced off once in the regular season, with Caldwell-Pope earning the victory. 

Next, the fourth-seeded Mamba Mentality and five-seeded The Sauce Squad could finish their season with identical 9-5-0 records and a tie in the standings. The Squad owns a potential tiebreaker thanks to winning their matchup way back in week five. 

Giannis Akumpo and Shooters Shoot have 4-9 records, so those two have a chance at finishing with the same record, while BBQ Chicken and Ooga Booga could also end with identical 1-13 records. If that doesn’t happen, Ooga Booga will pull a Detroit Lions and finish the season without a win.


Since 4 Penn Plaza secured a 344.50 point victory, the bench numbers did not factor into the outcome. The only aspect of those numbers that could have impacted the team statistics is the 21 rebounds we left off the scoresheet. As the former number team in the league, we have been slipping that department, leaving 28 rebounds on the bench over the last three weeks. Those numbers would have cut into the deficit we dug ourselves in since our primary goal in week 14 is to regain our spot in that category.

4 Penn Plaza made no roster adjustments during their week 13 matchup.

Weekly Move Total: 0/5 

Season Move Total: 15/50

Follow 4 Pennsylvania Plaza all season long @keepingthestats or facebook.com/keepingthestats.

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