Murderer’s Row Drop Tightly Contested Rivalry Matchup


Murderer’s Row went into this week’s 19 matchup against their fiercest rivals, ItsNotRyanItsRyne, hoping to achieve something that has eluded them all season: a three-game winning streak. Despite their best efforts on the field, the team came up just short but gave a division contender a run for their money in the process.

This week’s contest was the third time these two teams have met, with the Row taking the first match of the season 6-4-0 before dropping the last two by identical scores of 3-5-2 in weeks 11 and 19. ItsNotRyanItsRyne found success on the ball diamond and made up for a few keys losses in fantasy football. recapfont4In a tightly contested matchup, ItsNotRyanItsRyne secured just enough categories to eke out a two-point victory. A majority of the categories were decided by less than double digits, which means one or two games were the determining factor.21fbbmatchup19The two teams had similar at-bat numbers; however, Murderer’s Row collected an additional 19 hits, leading to an impressive .317 batting average for the week, the team’s best category win. Those extra hits didn’t mean much in the other categories as the Row, who walked away with runs and stolen bases, were the only matchup points.

21fbbdaily19ItsNotRyanItsRyne used pitching to take hold of the series and put them in a great position to secure a playoff spot. Even though both teams collected four wins apiece, one pitching staff kept their overall numbers in pristine condition (1.85 and 0.93), thus resulting in some category wins. The numbers were pretty close in ERA and WHIP, with strikeouts the only categories the two teams saw a lead inflate to double digits.
21fbbsd19Murderer’s Row got off to a solid start and grabbed an early 5-4-1 lead. It was the only day of the matchup the team had a lead at the end of the night, as ItsNotRyanItsRyne took over on Tuesday and stayed the course until the end. The two teams were separated by one point on Thursday and Friday before a deadlock 5-5 tie came out of nowhere on Saturday. It was too premature to celebrate a potential victory when ItsNotRyanItsRyne rolled out four pitchers on the final day of the matchup, all but securing them the victory.recapfont5After an impressive week in the batter’s box, Murderer’s Row jumped from the fourth overall batting average to second overall. It was the first time in a long time that the team witnessed any movement among the five offensive categories. The Row has stayed locked into the seventh spot in runs and RBIs while swiping the third most bases. 21fbbstats19Despite losing the matchup and four out of the five pitching categories, the Row managed to bump up their ERA numbers and now have the third-best staff in the league. They also closed the gap for first place, barring any significant blowouts; the team should contend for the WHIP crown when it is all said and done.recapfont1For the first time in several weeks, there has been a movement within the standings. Thanks to a victory, ItsNotRyanItsRyne leapfrogged SHABB’s Team and took over the third seed. Meanwhile, a subpar week from HOMERsexuals erased a comfortable lead the team had built itself at the top. The Bad News Bears are just a half-game out of first place.

21fbbstandings19Murderer’s Row witnessed their two-game winning streak end, and the results brought the team back under .500 again. They are 87-88-15 and have just a 5.5 lead over The Dick Pounds to avoid falling deeper into the standings. Outside of the battle for the positions one through four, the remaining six teams seem to have found their final spots as the season heads into the last weeks. There’s a significant gap between all the teams, and only a handful of blow victories or defeats will change the order of five through ten.recapfont2Murderer’s Row did not make any roster adjustments during their week 19 matchup. 

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 22/40

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