’21 NFL Pick’Em Week 1

After taking the 2020 NFL season off, we returned to the Pick’em game with two things in mind. The first one is to avoid missing a whole week’s worth of picks (happens every season), and then contend for the best record in our league.

Each week we will break down our picks, showcase where we went right and where we wrong, as well as provide some off beat commentary to keep you engaged as you browse our pick selections.

Thursday Night Football

  • Favorite: @Tampa Bay 93%
  • Underdog: Dallas 7%
  • Pick: Tampa Bay ✔
  • Commentary: Tampa Bay wasn’t going to lose this game, no matter what the Cowboys brought to the table.

Sunday Morning

  • Favorite: @Atlanta 76%
  • Underdog: Philadelphia 24%
  • Pick: Atlanta ×
  • Commentary: It appears the Eagles will be just fine with Jalen Hurts as their quarterback.
  • Favorite: @Buffalo 88%
  • Underdog: Pittsburgh 12%
  • Pick: Buffalo ×
  • Commentary: Only 12% of the people thought the this particular outcome was possible.
  • Favorite: Minnesota 83%
  • Underdog: @Cincinnati 17%
  • Pick: Minnesota ×
  • Commentary: Maybe Joe Burrows is going to be just fine.
  • Favorite: San Francisco 94%
  • Underdog: @Detroit 6%
  • Pick: San Francisco ✔
  • Commentary: Don’t worry, Detroit, your team will win a game…someday.
  • Favorite: @Tennessee 82%
  • Underdog: Arizona 18%
  • Pick: Arizona ✔
  • Commentary: Kyler Murray is one of the league’s best quarterbacks. Prove me wrong.
  • Favorite: Seattle 88%
  • Underdog: @Indianapolise 14%
  • Pick: Seattle ✔
  • Commentary: The Seahawks are still the Seahawks. That means they will probabl win more than they lose.
  • Favorite: Los Angeles Chargers 60%
  • Underdog: @Washington 40%
  • Pick: Las Angeles ✔
  • Commentary: The Chargers’ quest for respectability began with this game.
  • Favorite: @Carolina 90%
  • Underdog: New York Jets 10%
  • Pick: Carolina ✔
  • Commentary: Ten percent of the voters thought the Jets had a chance.
  • Favorite: Jacksonville 78%
  • Underdog: @Houston 22%
  • Pick: Jacksonville ×
  • Commentary: Okay, so I learned my lesson. Jacksonville is not ready, and the sky is not falling in Houston.

Sunday Afternoon

  • Favorite: @Kansas City 94%
  • Underdog: Cleveland 6%
  • Pick: Kansas City ✔
  • Commentary: The biggest surprise about this game was Clevelabd had a chance to win it late.
  • Favorite: @New England 57%
  • Underdog: Miami 43%
  • Pick: Jacksonville ×
  • Commentary: Miami is really better than New England at this point. That’s a tough statement to type.
  • Favorite: Green Bay 90%
  • Underdog: New Orleans 10%
  • Pick: New Orleans ✔
  • Commentary: So…the offseason drama had no effect on this game, right?
  • Favorite: Denver 59%
  • Underdog: New York Giants 41%
  • Pick: New York ×
  • Commentary: Denver surprised me along with a boatload of other people too.  

Sunday Night Football

  • Favorite: @Los Angeles Rams 93%
  • Underdog: Chicago 7%
  • Pick: Los Angeles ✔
  • Commentary: They say the Rams are the team to beat in the NFC. This was only one win. 

Monday Night Football

  • Favorite: Baltimore 82%
  • Underdog: Las Vegas 18%
  • Pick: Baltimore ×
  • Commentary: It took two attempts, but the Raiders showed the world they are for real!

Below you can see how 7 Rings picks stacked up against other teams in the league.

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