Pinstripe Bowl Even Record at 3-3 with Impressive Victory

Pinstripe Bowl were underdogs from the opening kickoff and used the “backs are against the wall” mentality to prove the experts wrong and pull out a 17.04 victory over Trump Towers. The win improves the team’s record to 3-3, yet they remain near the bottom of the standings because so many teams are tied, and the Bowl doesn’t score enough points to be contenders.

The path to the playoffs is within reach. However, until the team collects a few more wins to distance themselves from the competition, the chances of repeating as league champions continue to slip away. Seven of the ten teams in the league are in the same boat, just struggling to find their true identity on the field. This week the Bowl gets to celebrate, but there are no guarantees right now in the NFL with underdog teams pulling off monumental upsets and teams going into their bye weeks. The fight for supremacy is a real nasty one, and only the ones strong enough to get the job done will be the winner in the end.

The chart doesn’t show it (which is unusual), but Pinstripe Bowl jumped out to a 16.90-9.30 lead after Thursday Night Football between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles. The 7.60 point margin turned into a 17.04 point victory, so those early points set the team up to knock it out of the park by the time Monday Night Football ended.

The gap between the two teams started to widen as the early Sunday morning games kicked off. By the end of the afternoon, the Bowl had separated themselves from Trump Towers and were cruising to victory until MNF made the final score a little bit closer than anyone expected. The original projections said these two teams would finish just 3.71 points apart, but the computers and the experts have been wrong before.

On Thursday night, Zach Ertz (Philadelphia) and Ryan Succop (Tampa Bay) were our leading scorers. From there, Kyler Murray (Arizona), Adam Thielen (Minnesota), Stefon Diggs (Buffalo), and Jonathan Taylor (Indianapolis) all scored more than 23 points apiece to pace the Bowl to their third win on the season.

Management finally played the Buffalo Bills defense, known for destroying opponents’ offensive game plans; however, the Bill came up short this week, producing the worse numbers of starters. Combined with Succop’s four points, special teams were the weakest link in the lineup with just five points on the game sheet.

On the bench, Henry Ruggs III (Las Vegas) had his best start with 18.70 points. Had the wideout been in the starting lineup, he would have been a 15 point improvement over Chase Claypool (Pittsburgh), who was a dud in the flex position with just 3.70 points. Everyone that got stuck on the bench outscored Claypool, Succop, and the Bills’ defense.

Pinstripe Bowl scored the third-most points in week six, coming just 0.04 points below Cleveland Steamers (144.70) and 60.38 behind WATCH WHAT U SAQUON, who scored over 200 for the first time this season. The Bowl’s big total meant they would have beaten the seven other teams in the league, including the once undefeated Garoppolypse Now, who became another team on the list of teams who failed to score a hundred points in their matchup.

Nukl Busters became the top team in league with their defeat of Garoppolypse Now. The two teams stand at 5-1 apiece, with the Busters holding a tiebreaker. In other news, What’s an ACL anyways? has yet to find the win column, and no one wants to be the team to give them a victory.

The biggest blowout belongs to WATCH, who not only scored more than 200 points, but they secured a 61.26 point victory, which is about 20 points more than what Garoppolypse Now scored in their matchup. Meanwhile, Pleasantly Plump and ACL battled to a contest that ended by a seven-point margin.

Thielen became just the second player not named Kyler Murray to win the best starter award. He scored a team-high 29.80 points in the win, one of his best games this season. As mentioned earlier, the Bills’ defense failed to live up to expectations in their first start, while Ruggs III lit up his opponents’ defense with 18.70 points. Meanwhile the best player in the league was CeeDee Lamb (Dallas) who earned his first award with a season best 36.10 points.

Pinstripe Bowl executed another trade with one of their rivals Nukl Busters, and this was on the heels of the mega-deal in week two that brought Diggs back home and sent Tyreek Hill (Kansas City) packing. Management initially entered a waiver claim for Hunter Herny (New England) after losing George Kittle (San Francisco) to injury and Cameron Brate (Tampa Bay) failing to fill in the gaps. When Henry went to the Busters, who had three tight ends on the roster, management reached out and secured Henry as the team’s primary TE since Ertz wasn’t lighting it up.

Management still wanted to tinker the roster, so they grabbed Amon-Ra St. Brown (Detroit) from the waiver wire in place of Nyheim Hines (Indianapolis). Since the team already employed two excellent running backs, there was no room for Hines, who failed to produce as a backup to Taylor on the Colts. Hines had been unable to reach double digits at the time of his release, which meant he was expendable for someone who could regularly score at least 10 points or more.

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 5/50

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