Top of the Rock Vaults to Top of Division in Victory

It is never too early to start a winning streak, and after their 54 point victory in week three, Top of the Rock sit at the top of Division 2 thanks to a two-game winning streak. Initially penciled in for an 84 point win, the Rock allowed their opponents to overcome their projections and shave thirty points off the computer-generated preview. The 357 points the boys scored is a season-high as they continue to adapt to a whole new scoring platform in Frozen Factory. 

For the second straight week, the Rock saw their players suit up for an additional nine games, which helped secure the win in such commanding fashion. After scoring just over 200 points in their first matchup, the Rock has continued to pile up the points scoring over 300 for the second time in three weeks. 

The matchup opened with Steve’s Great Team jumping out to an early 8.5 point led, 36.00-27.50. It was the only time during the matchup that Steve would lead as the Rock continued to score consistently, adding to their lead every day after Tuesday. When the weekend started, the boys were already up 40.10 before finishing off their opponents on Sunday, widening the gap between the two teams to 54 points. 

Top of the Rock led six days out of the matchup, scoring a week high of 93.90 points on Saturday night, which was the same day Steve’s team scored 90 to keep the competition to a difference of 44 points. Both teams’ lowest point day was on Sunday when players chipped in 20 for the Rock and just 10 for Steve’s team.

The Rock’s second victory gave them a 2-1 record after three weeks, and for the second time this season, the team witnessed some shuffling regarding team statistics. The team ranks first in shutouts and shots on goal while holding tight in second with hits and blocked shots. Thanks to their goalies seeing a lot of action, they now rank second in saves. 

Scoring continues to be the team’s Achilles heel, which now ranks sixth (last place) in goals and fifth (second to last) in assists. The team is also the worst in the league with just 23 power-play points and has not improved their overall plus/minus rating. In the remaining categories, the Rock is just mediocre, hanging out in the middle of the pack, not gaining or losing any ground with their numbers. 

Dirty Sanchez has burst out of the gate, winning all three of their matchups to remain undefeated. Sanchez is also the league’s highest-scoring team becoming the first team to crack 400 points in their doubling up of Icing this past week. The Rock, meanwhile, was one of two teams to score over 300 points as their opponent Steve’s Great Team, scored 303. Stoned Assassins came 3.5 points shy of reaching the plateau. 

Through three weeks, one team (Sanchez) remains without a blemish on their record while the Manager-less Team continues to drop contests. There is no denying that the manager-less squad has some of the league’s best players in their lineup; however, with no one to make lineup adjustments, valuable points are lost every week with no one calling the shots.

Adam Larsson (Seattle) joined the Kraken team in 2021 after agreeing to a deal that saw him leave the Edmonton Oilers. Although the new group is still working out the kinks of a new system, Larsson was a stud in week three, scoring the most points of anyone on Top of the Rock. The Swedish defender reached 30 points thanks to an assist and a plus-two rating. He registered four shots on goal and seven blocks but led the team in hits with 16. His performance earned him top honors as he became the first defenseman to achieve the feat. 

Jacob Markstrom (Calgary) became the first repeat heroes winner, securing his second straight award. He registered 74.50 points in week three, which is now a team record, one that may be extremely difficult to beat in the coming weeks. Markstrom collected three wins, two of them shutouts, while giving up just one goal in the process. He finished the week with 93 saves.
Erik Karlsson (San Jose) found himself the worst player of the week with just 1.50 points. He had seven shots on goal, but his minus-one rating really killed his chance at more points. 

Team management did not make any roster adjustments during their week three matchup. Although there are a lot of players currently missing action to various ailments, there is still plenty of guys looking for increased playing time stepping up to fill the void.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 5/50

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