’21 NFL Pick’em Week 11

Right before week 11 kicked off, the manager of Rick Rolled messaged to compliment 7 Rings on the success they have had so far in this year’s Pick’em pool. Team management brushed it off because the season is far from over, and one week’s five-point lead can all but disappear, which can lead to a shuffle in the standings.

The conversation clearly affected this week’s selections as 7 Rings had their worst week of the season and witnessed their comfortable lead atop the standings dwindle down to almost nothing. With only a few weeks left to play, the team really has its back against the walls.

Thursday Night Football

  • Favorite: New England 93%
  • Underdog: @Atlanta 7%
  • Pick: New England ✔
  • Commentary: The Patriots were not going to lose this game. The way they dominated the game, well, that’s just another chapter in a lopsided rivalry. 

Sunday Morning

  • Favorite: @Buffalo 94%
  • Underdog: Indianapolis 6%
  • Pick: Buffalo ×
  • Commentary: What a fantastic performance from Jonathan Taylor. However, if you are a Bills fan, now is the time to panic.  
  • Favorite: Baltimore 82%
  • Underdog: @Chicago 18%
  • Pick: Baltimore ✔
  • Commentary: There is no reason why this game was so close. 
  • Favorite: @Cleveland 94%
  • Underdog: Detroit 6%
  • Pick: Detroit ×
  • Commentary: The Browns are a mess, an excellent opportunity for the Lions, who were so close yet so far away. 
  • Favorite: @Tennessee 99%
  • Underdog: Houston 1%
  • Pick: Tennessee ×
  • Commentary: The Titans lost to a team that never wins. Was this a genuine upset or just the actual Titans without their workhorse?
  • Favorite: Green Bay 78%
  • Underdog: @Minnesota 22%
  • Pick: Green Bay ×
  • Commentary: The Packers are not supposed to lose these games. 
  • Favorite: Miami 82%
  • Underdog: @New York Jets 18%
  • Pick: Miami ✔
  • Commentary: Even with a veteran quarterback, the Jets remain the laughing stock of the AFC East.
  • Favorite: Miami 82%
  • Underdog: @New York Jets 18%
  • Pick: Philadelphia ✔
  • Commentary: The mighty have fallen. 
  • Favorite: @Carolina 84%
  • Underdog: Washington 16%
  • Pick: Carolina ×
  • Commentary: The Cam Newton comeback tour had a bit of a stumble this week. 
  • Favorite: San Francisco 95%
  • Underdog: @Jacksonville 5%
  • Pick: San Francisco ✔
  • Commentary: The 49ers probably had more fun practicing than they did actually playing this game. 

Sunday Afternoon

  • Favorite: Cincinnati 52%
  • Underdog: @Las Vegas 48%
  • Pick: Las Vegas ×
  • Commentary: The Bengals won and beat a team still looking for an identity. 
  • Favorite: @Kansas City 54%
  • Underdog: Dallas 46%
  • Pick: Dallas ×
  • Commentary: The Cowboys are still the better team; however, the media will make you believe that the Chiefs have already won the Super Bowl. 
  • Favorite: @Seattle 65%
  • Underdog: Arizona 35%
  • Pick: Settle ×
  • Commentary: I may be the only person who voted against the Cardinals who still don’t have Kyler Murray. Guess I underestimated the rest of the team. 

Sunday Night Football

  • Favorite: @Los Angeles Chargers 86%
  • Underdog: Pittsburgh 14%
  • Pick: Pittsburgh ×
  • Commentary: The Steelers had their chances, and the Chargers finally showed up for a change. 

Monday Night Football

  • Favorite: @Tampa Bay 97%
  • Underdog: New York Giants 3%
  • Pick: Tampa Bay ✔
  • Commentary: The defending champions have been running a little hot and cold lately. 

Below you can see how 7 Rings picks stacked up against other teams in the league.

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