’21 NFL Pick’em Week 9

After a few weeks atop the NFL Pick’em standings, 7 Rings had a poor showing regarding picks in week nine that cost them their run at the top. Before people thought there was a massive shift at the top, there really wasn’t. Parlour Monkeys also have 88 points, the same as 7 Rings, but the computer placed them in first even though both teams are tied. 

The ninth week of the 2021 NFL season was a wild one. This past week offered a little bit of everything for the casual and hardcore fan, whether it was ongoing off-field drama or on-field upsets. 

Thursday Night Football

  • Favorite: @Indianapolis 95%
  • Underdog: New York Jets 5%
  • Pick: Indianapolis ✔
  • Commentary: The Jets shock the world one week and then lose to the Colts in another. This pattern sounds like a typical Jets season. 

Sunday Morning

  • Favorite: @Cincinnati 79%
  • Underdog: Cleveland 21%
  • Pick: Cincinnati ×
  • Commentary: I wish Cleveland would figure out who they are because now that OBJ is gone, they have no excuses.  
  • Favorite: @Dallas 97%
  • Underdog: Denver 3%
  • Pick: Dallas ×
  • Commentary: Stranger things have happened. Not many people saw this result coming. 
  • Favorite: @Miami 87%
  • Underdog: Houston 13%
  • Pick: Miami ✔
  • Commentary: Houston not that long ago were contenders; clearly, now they are just pretenders.
  • Favorite: @New Orleans 87%
  • Underdog: Atlanta 13%
  • Pick: New Orleans ×
  • Commentary: New Orleans probably didn’t expect their season to go this way. 
  • Favorite: Las Vegas 83%
  • Underdog: @New York Giants 17%
  • Pick: New York Giants ✔
  • Commentary: Someday, someone will blame all the off-field drama as the reason for the Raiders’ poor season. 
  • Favorite: New England 81%
  • Underdog: @Carolina 19%
  • Pick: New England ✔
  • Commentary: Remember that time the world counted Bill Belichik down and out? 
  • Favorite: Buffalo 99%
  • Underdog: @Jacksonville 1%
  • Pick: Buffalo ×
  • Commentary: People said it was time for the Bills to win. Well, this is a terrible way to show you deserve the praise. 
  • Favorite: @Baltimore 93%
  • Underdog: Minnesota 7%
  • Pick: Baltimore ✔
  • Commentary: At what point do we say this is the Ravens’ season to lose?  

Sunday Afternoon

  • Favorite: @Los Angeles Chargers 86%
  • Underdog: Philadelphia 14%
  • Pick: Philadelphia ×
  • Commentary: The Chargers make me laugh. The hype is unrealistic. 
  • Favorite: @Kansas City 71%
  • Underdog: Green Bay 29%
  • Pick: Seattle ✔
  • Commentary: The Packers lost without their anti-vaxer prima donna quarterback. Can’t wait for the media circus when he comes back. 
  • Favorite: @Arizona 73%
  • Underdog: San Francisco 27%
  • Pick: San Francisco ×
  • Commentary: No Kyler Murray on the field. No problem.  

Sunday Night Football

  • Favorite: @Los Angeles Rams 94%
  • Underdog: Tennessee 6%
  • Pick: Los Angeles Rams ×
  • Commentary: I guess I missed the news flash that the Rams are not the best team in the NFC. 

Monday Night Football

  • Favorite: @Pittsburgh 91%
  • Underdog: Chicago 9%
  • Pick: Pittsburgh ✔
  • Commentary: Pittsburgh just doesn’t make things easy on themselves. 

Below you can see how 7 Rings picks stacked up against other teams in the league.

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