’21 NFL Pick’em Week 13

7 RIngs were on cruise control for the first seven weeks of the regular season, collecting at least 10 points in those matchups. Then the tide turned, and they never secured more than eight points in the five weeks that followed.

With just a few weeks left on the schedule, 7 Rings returned to form in week 13, reaching double digits in wins for the eighth time during this campaign. Despite finding the next gear, the team’s lead at the top is still just three points. 

Thursday Night Football

  • Favorite: Dallas 79%
  • Underdog: @Detroit 21%
  • Pick: Dallas ✔
  • Commentary: The Cowboys enjoyed a week off and barely beat the Saints by 10 points.

Sunday Morning

  • Favorite: Tampa Bay 98%
  • Underdog: @Atlanta 8%
  • Pick: Tampa Bay ✔
  • Commentary: Whether it’s at home or on the road, Tom Brady just doesn’t lose to the Falcons.
  • Favorite: Arizona 94%
  • Underdog: @Chicago 6%
  • Pick: Arizona ✔
  • Commentary: It was time for the Cardinals to prove they are the team to beat in the NFC.
  • Favorite: @Cincinnati 68%
  • Underdog: Los Angeles Chargers 32%
  • Pick: Cincinnati ×
  • Commentary: The Bengals are on the cusp of success; however, that Herbert guy is just a step ahead.  
  • Favorite: Minnesota 71%
  • Underdog: @Detroit 29%
  • Pick: Minnesota ×
  • Commentary: Miracles don’t just happen on 34th street or Lake Placid. They occur in Detroit too.  
  • Favorite: @Miami 90%
  • Underdog: New York Giants 35%
  • Pick: Miami ✔
  • Commentary: It’s a rough season (Giants) when the Dolphins are heavily favored in the matchup.  
  • Favorite: Philadelphia 87%
  • Underdog: @New York Jets 13%
  • Pick: Philadelphia ✔
  • Commentary: The Eagles lost to the Giants but beat the Jets. It is tough to make sense of anything. 
  • Favorite: Indianapolis 97%
  • Underdog: @Houston 11%
  • Pick: Indianapolis ✔
  • Commentary: It would be an honor to meet the 3% of people who thought an upset was possible. 

Sunday Afternoon

  • Favorite: @Las Vegas 76%
  • Underdog: Washington 24%
  • Pick: Las Vegas ×
  • Commentary: The Raiders have had their issues, but this kind of loss is unacceptable. 
  • Favorite: @Los Angeles Rams 99%
  • Underdog: Jacksonville 1%
  • Pick: Los Angeles ✔
  • Commentary: The Rams got one step closer to hosting the Super Bowl by beating one of the league’s worse teams.
  • Favorite: Baltimore 77%
  • Underdog: @Pittsburgh 23%
  • Pick: Baltimore ×
  • Commentary: Who else wonders why the Ravens couldn’t find an extra two points somewhere in their lineup? 
  • Favorite: San Francisco 66%
  • Underdog: @Seattle 34%
  • Pick: Seattle ✔
  • Commentary: The 49ers make less sense to me than the Houston Texans. On top of one week and looking for answers the next. 

Sunday Night Football

  • Favorite: @Kansas City 95%
  • Underdog: Denver 5%
  • Pick: Kansas City ✔
  • Commentary: The Broncos were just a tune-up game for one of the league’s best. 

Monday Night Football

  • Favorite: @Buffalo 63%
  • Underdog: New England 37%
  • Pick: New England ✔
  • Commentary: This game had to be one of the most intense contests I’ve ever witnessed. Not because of all the action and scoring, but because the game was played. 

Below you can see how 7 Rings picks stacked up against other teams in the league.

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