Pinstripe Bowl Destroy Opponent During Rivalry Week

Pinstripe Bowl was embedded in an intense rivalry with KerryMy Johnson during the 2020 season. The two teams battled every week, trading places at the top of the standings on several occasions. Things went right down to the wire, with the Bowl claiming the top spot at the end. Of course, fate stepped in and pitted these two franchises against each other in the championship contest. 

It was a wild final week as Johnson looked to run away with the championship and held a decent lead with only Monday Night Football left to play. Stefon Diggs (Buffalo) had one of the best nights of the season, helping the Bowl overcome the odds and win it all. Yahoo decided that since these two teams fought it out week in and week out, they would be opponents during rivalry week. 

The Bowl may only have a 4-6 record, but with a 145.72-101.38 dubbing of their rival Johnson in week ten, two of the four wins have come against this one opponent. 

Unlike week nine, which witnessed the Bowl jump out to a 46 point lead to start the matchup, KerryMy Johnson managed to muster up just 10.10 points on Thursday night to grab a slight lead heading into the weekend. When the first few games came to a close on Sunday afternoon, the Bowl had jumped out to a lead, one they would never relinquish again. 

Pinstripe Bowl scored 129.72 points on the day, beating out Johnson’s 101.38 points. By the end of the day, Johnson had scored all their points while the Bowl managed to collect an additional 16.00 points on Monday night to reach the final score of 145.72. The boys scored 15.52 points over their initial projections, while Johnson came in 35.13 under their own predictions.

Diggs was the hero yet again as he scored a team-high 30.20 points. He was the only player to collect more than 30 in the matchup; however, every other player except running back McKissic (Washington) and flex player Zach Ertz (Arizona) managed to reach double digits. 

Only three players failed to reach their projections which were a first on the season. Three players scored over 20 points, while the rest of the double-digit club members scored more than 11 points. 

The bench players were also productive with 52 points. Four out of the five players who didn’t see action scored more than two points, with two New England teammates, Meyers and Henry, scoring over 14 points apiece. 

Out of the 14 players who saw action in week 10, only five failed to reach their projections, and none of them were more than 5.30 points away from where they should have been. All and all, it was a pretty good week for the offense who came to play, and collectively they didn’t let each other down. 

Pinstripe Bowl scored the most points of any team in the league, also a first on the 2021 season. Their 145.72 points were better than Pleasantly Plump, who scored 138.14. The other five teams that collected more than 100 points didn’t crack 120 in their matchups. Two teams failed to reach triple digits, and they were the top (Nukl Busters) and bottom (What’s an ACL anyways?) teams in the league. 

At the top of the standings, two teams have identical 7-3 records. Next in line are a couple of teams with 6-4 records. Behind them is a traffic jam of three teams sitting at 0.500 with 5-5 records. Then two teams, including the Bowl, have 4-6 records, with ACL occupying the basement with a 1-9 record. 

It was no surprise that Diggs showed up during rivalry week to lead his team to victory. There is no telling how this matchup could have played out in an alternate timeline since Diggs was not originally on the team on opening night. After a trade for Tyreek Hill (Kansas City), he returned home. Week 10 marked the first Diggs won the best player award, and he became only the second wide receiver to claim the honor. 

McKissic (Washington) was brought aboard to replace the injured Hunt (Cleveland). He disappointed a bit in his first start of the season, scoring just 7.90 points, the lowest of any starter. You know you’ve had a bad week when the kicker (Boswell) and team defense (Buffalo) outscore you by four to five points. 

Hunter Henry continued to dominate his teammates on the bench, scoring 19.70 points. Had Henry managed to sneak into the lineup, he would have outscored his receiver teammate Adam Thielen (11.50) and both tight ends, George Kittle (11.60) and Ertz (8.60). These point differences would have been the difference between a win or loss in a close matchup. 

Meanwhile, in Kansas City, where the Chiefs have found their groove again, Patrick Mahomes was the league’s best player with 41.24 points. In ten weeks, Mahomes became the sixth player to score more than 40 points in their matchup. 

As mentioned in last week’s recap, Jake Elliot (Philadelphia) didn’t live up to his expectations in his one opportunity on the team and was cut immediately following the end of the week. In his place, Boswell joined the team with a favorable matchup on the schedule.
Since the Bowl had an open roster spot, the team took a flyer on Donovan Peoples-Jones from the Cleveland Browns. Although he doesn’t put up earth-shattering numbers, Peoples-Jones has had some solid performances on his resume, and with bye weeks and injures mounting, he was worth a gamble. He’ll most like be a reserve receiver, who could see some playing time if the situation is in his favor. 

Weekly Move Total: 2/4 

Season Move Total: 14/50

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