’21 NFL Pick’em Week 18

The NFL Pick’em regular season has ended, and 7 Rings finished the 2021 campaign as pool champions! The boys fought all season long and survived through some tough weeks down the stretch to maintain a lead they built upon in the early parts of the season. It took some heroics in weeks 16 and 17 to keep the team in the top spot because a lackluster 9-7 performance in week 18 sealed the deal. 

This year’s win marks the second consecutive season that we managed (Pinstripe Bowl – 2020 fantasy football) took home a championship and some prize money. 

Saturday Night

  • Favorite: Kansas City 97%
  • Underdog: @Denver 3%
  • Pick: Kansas City ✔
  • Commentary: Nothing to play for but bonuses and bragging rights. 
  • Favorite: Dallas 80%
  • Underdog: @Philadelphia 20%
  • Pick: Dallas ✔
  • Commentary: The Cowboys had something to prove. Let’s see if their regular season successes equal playoff success.

Sunday Morning

  • Favorite: Cincinnati 71%
  • Underdog: @Cleveland 21%
  • Pick: Cincinnati ×
  • Commentary: The Bengals may want a mulligan for this one, or just accept the outcome and focus on the future – the playoffs. 
  • Favorite: Green Bay 92%
  • Underdog: @Detroit 8%
  • Pick: Detroit ×
  • Commentary: How does a league MVP lose to the Lions? Oh yeah, by not playing. What a bum.  
  • Favorite: @Minnesota 88%
  • Underdog: Chicago 12%
  • Pick: Minnesota ✔
  • Commentary: The dominos are going to fall pretty fast in Chicago now that the season is over. 
  • Favorite: Washington 90%
  • Underdog: New York Giants 10%
  • Pick: Washington ✔
  • Commentary: Imagine being a Giants fan these days. Yikes. Guess they shouldn’t have mistreated Eli on his way out. 
  • Favorite: Indianapolis 99%
  • Underdog: @Jacksonville 1%
  • Pick: Indianapolis ×
  • Commentary: It was pretty simple. Win, and you’re in. Someone forgot to tell the Colts that. 
  • Favorite: @Baltimore 66%
  • Underdog: Pittsburgh 34%
  • Pick: Pittsburgh ✔
  • Commentary: The Big Ben retirement tour continues…for at least one more game. 
  • Favorite: Tennesse 96%
  • Underdog: @Houston 4%
  • Pick: Tennessee ✔
  • Commentary: The Titans are the best of the AFC, without their all-stars. 

Sunday Afternoon

  • Favorite: New Orleans 73%
  • Underdog: @Atlanta 27%
  • Pick: New Orleans ✔
  • Commentary: The Saints are ever so close to being Super Bowl bond again.
  • Favorite: @Buffalo 98%
  • Underdog: New York Jets 2%
  • Pick: Buffalo ✔
  • Commentary: The Jets should have saved themselves the trouble and called in sick.
  • Favorite: @Los Angeles Rams 81%
  • Underdog: San Francisco 19%
  • Pick: Los Angeles Rams ×
  • Commentary: Everyone told me the Rams would be playing at home during this year’s Super Bowl.
  • Favorite: New England 86%
  • Underdog: @Miami 14%
  • Pick: New England ×
  • Commentary: The Dolphins just hurt the Patriots when it matters most. 
  • Favorite: @Arizona 91%
  • Underdog: Seattle 9%
  • Pick: Arizona ×
  • Commentary: The Seahawks enjoyed one last moment of glory with their famed quarterback and coach. The 2022 offseason is going to be rough. 
  • Favorite: @Tampa Bay 98%
  • Underdog: Carolina 2%
  • Pick: Tampa Bay ✔
  • Commentary: The Bucs rebounded in style. Antonio Brown, who?

Sunday Night Football

  • Favorite: Los Angeles Chargers 66%
  • Underdog: @Las Vegas 34%
  • Pick: Los Angeles Chargers ×
  • Commentary: The Chargers didn’t even make the playoffs, all that hype for nothing.

Below you can see how 7 Rings picks stacked up against other teams in the league.

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