Top of the Rock Lose Heartbreaker by .50 points

If you love sports, you are aware that there is potential for heartbreak on any given night. Whether it is a loss, missed opportunity, or even a career-defining injury, the games we love so much tend to break our hearts at some point.

The same can be said for fantasy sports, where people pay money to build the best possible team to win more money and brag about their accomplishments to friends and family. However, all those moments come at a cost, and some of those many stressful nights spent staring at statistics lead to sheer and utter heartbreak. 

Top of the Rock found themselves in such a moment during their week eight matchup against Steve’s Great Team. The Rock was initially projected to lose but kept the score close enough to pull off the upset, coming just 0.50 points short when it was all said and done. 

In one of the closest contests of the entire season, the Rock held a comfortable matchup lead for five of the seven days. The most significant deficit was on Wednesday (37 points), while the smallest lead occurred on opening night (16 points). 

The first five days seemed like the three-game losing streak would end, especially with the Rock getting to 100 and 200 points first. Both teams managed to get past 300 on Saturday, but by then, Steve’s Great Team had managed to turn a 19.50 deficit into an 11.50 lead. 

The two teams duked it out on Sunday with the Rock failing to find 0.50 points in their lineup, ultimately costing them the matchup while extending their current losing streak to four games. The weekend loss marked the first time this season that the Rock had a lead after Friday and lost. 

It appeared just when the Rock’s fortunes were about to take a turn for the better, the boys were slapped back to reality and found themselves on the end of a tightly contested matchup. The loss hurt in the standings and in several categories in team statistics.

On top of being the lowest-scoring team regarding goals, the Rock is now the league’s worst team for short-handed points, a mark they achieved during week eight. The special teams are not their strength, as the team currently ranks fifth in power-play points with 76. 

Even though the Rock’s goalies continue to lead the way in shutouts, an off week between the pipes cost them a few spots in wins and goals against. One number continues to grow while the other stays stagnant. 

The bright spots in statistics are shots on goal, hits, and blocks. 

Only one team (Icing) failed to score more than 300 points during week eight’s action. Once again, the Rock was one of the highest-scoring teams of the week, yet found themselves on the losing end yet again.

Dirty Sanchez is making a mockery of opponents with a season-high 486 points in just seven days. The first-place team is closing in 500 points and has the talent to pull it off soon. 

Thanks to another win, Steve’s Great Team remains the second-best team in the league with a 6-2 record while three teams (Rock, Stoned Assassins, and Icing) have identical 3-5 records. The Manager-less Team picked up their second win of the season and now stand one win behind the rest of the pack.

Tampa Bay Lightning defenceman Victor Hedman became the second player behind Elias Lindholm (Calgary) to win multiple best player awards. The former NHL playoff MVP scored a season-high 43.00 points, the new benchmark for everyone to aim for. Hedman’s totals for the week included two goals, six assists, one power-play point, 14 shots, two hits, and six blocked shots. His plus/minus rating was plus-eight.

Hedman’s performance was so impressive that he almost became the highest score player, losing by just one point to Jacob Markstrom (Calgary), this week’s best goalie. The Flames netminder collected two wins and a loss while giving up six goals and making 86 saves. 

Andreas Johnsson (New Jersey) was the lowest guy on the totem pole in week eight, scoring a team-low 3.50 points. A handful of other players scored 0.00 points, but out of all the players who notched a point, he had the lowest total of them all. His final numbers were hurt by a minus-three rating, which eliminated points he earned on one assist, five shots, five hits, and one blocked shot. 

After a flurry of roster moves in week seven, things were pretty quiet for transactions in week eight. Reigning worse forward award winner Johnsson joined the team on Monday morning, becoming the first of two additions during the matchup. 

Several days later, team management sent Jakob Silfverberg (Anaheim) to the waiver pool to make room for Minnesota Wild defender Jonas Brodin. Silfverberg found himself on the IR with an unknown timetable for return, so to shore up the backup, Brodin was brought him to help his partners collect some points. 

Weekly Move Total: 2/4 

Season Move Total: 11/50

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