Another Dominating Performance Extends 4 Penn Plaza Win Streak

In the beginning, 4 Penn Plaza started the season suffering a lopsided loss that could ruin a fresh start in a new league. Since getting blown out that week, the boys have fired off four straight wins to reach second place in the standings.

After setting a franchise record for the most significant defeat, the team hit the hardwood with a chance to extend their win streak. The experts predicted a relatively easy 394.91 point win; however, the final score ended up being just 385.20 points, which isn’t too shabby.

The Plaza may be in the midst of a four-game winning streak, but the team hasn’t trailed at any point of those matchups. After Monday, the boys started with a 209.00 lead by scoring 490.80 points. The Manager-less Team cut into the lead by a few dozen, closing the gap to 165.10.

On Wednesday, the boys beat the manager-less team to 1000 points while growing their advantage to 281.20 points. No one played games on Thursday because of American Thanksgiving. On Friday, the Plaza boys scored a matchup high 539.20 points to grow their lead to 394.70 before settling in the weekend and finishing their opponent 2268.80-1883.60.

The average daily deficit was 239.57 points, while the Plaza averaged 324.11 every day.

The Plaza set out to be the best team regarding rebounds, steals, and blocks, and through five weeks, it can be proclaimed mission accomplished. No one could have projected the team would rank second overall in double-doubles, but there’s where they stand. In another surprising turn of events, the boys rank third overall in triple-doubles, another statistic that wasn’t on the draft table. The only change in rankings occurred in free throw attempts, which saw the team leap up to second overall in the league.

All three victorious teams in week six managed to score over 2100 points, with The Flight Attendant grabbing the largest total of the week at 2273.30 points. The Plaza had the second-best total (2268.80) while Jam Y’all finished with 2135.10 points. Stephen A. Smith’s Genius Team failed to reach four digits by netting just 951.70 points. They also remain the only team without a win on their record.

Two teams have 2-1 records while Jam sits in third at 3-2. The Manager-less Team and Smith’s team are tied with 2-3 records.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee) is the first player to win back-to-back best awards, and it is only the fifth week of the season. His stranglehold on the prize will make it hard for someone else to catch up to his totals so early in the season. Giannis tallied 221.80 points in week six thanks to shooting 21/35 at the free-throw line, 2/11 from downtown, 95 points, 49 total rebounds, 24 assists, 12 steals, six blocks, and two double-doubles.  

Jae’Sean Tate (Houston) had the lowest total from players who saw action in week six. He finished the matchup with just 44.10 points thanks to shooting 2/2 free throws 2/6 three-pointers with 22 points. On top of those numbers, he had 14 rebounds and one steal.

In defeat, Bradley Beal (Washington) led the way for the Manager-less Team with 160.90 points. Only two players on the entire team failed to reach triple digits. Beal scored 87 points thanks to 14/17 free throws and 5/19 beyond the arch. The Wizard forward collected 26 rebounds with 23 assists, three steals, and one block. Beal finished 60.90 points behind Antetokounmpo’s numbers. 

4 Penn Plaza made no roster adjustments during their recent matchup. Team management has only executed five moves through five weeks as the team has stayed healthy and competitive.

Weekly Move Total: 0/25

Season Move Total: 5

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