4 Penn Plaza Finally Find a Victory

4 Penn Plaza hit the court in week 14 stuck in a rut losing back-to-back games, which dropped them to 7-5 on the season. The losses did nothing to help the team in the standings, as they remain in third place. The only thing keeping the team afloat is the three teams behind them in the standings are worse than they are.

As the season flips to the second half, these games have become do or die. The chances for a high seed in the playoffs dwindle with every loss. Having said all that, 4 Penn Plaza entered an easier part of their schedule and found a way to pull out a must-needed victory against one of the weaker opponents, Stephen A. Smith’s Team, 2484.30-1818.10.

Last week 4 Penn Plaza were practically swept away in their matchup, securing a lead in only one day. They used that embarrassment to motivate themselves to a clean sweep in week 14. On Monday, the boys jumped out to a 246.10 lead and never looked back, adding to their lead every day to conclude the matchup with a 666.20 point victory.

It took only three nights before the club surpassed 1000 points and six nights to get passed 2000. Smith’s team never got to the following scoring tier but did cross the thousand-point threshold after four nights.

Plaza had their biggest day on Monday with 550.00 points and their worse day on Wednesday with just 126.20 points scored. They averaged 354.90 points a day.

For 14 weeks, the Plaza boys have been ranked at or towards the top in every statistical category in the league. An aspect of the numbers that often gets overlooked is bench numbers. These are not the numbers for players who came in off the bench but the players who didn’t get into the lineup for one reason or another.

When we do a deep dive into the bench numbers, there haven’t been many extra points that went missing. If we were to factor in all those numbers, the team’s numbers wouldn’t change, and the team would probably remain in the same ranking they currently find themselves in.

For the first time in a long time, four of the six teams in the league managed to score more than 2000 points in their respective matchups. This week’s top team was Jam Y’all, who collected 2615.90 points in their defeat of the number one team, The Flight Attendant. It seems like an off week for the number one seed who scored the third-highest total after 4 Penn Plaza, scoring 2484.30 points. 

Even the Manager-less Team got into the action with 2028.20 points, while Stephen A. Smith’s teams failed to collect points or victories.

Dejounte Murray (San Antonio) witnessed a couple of his teammates win back-to-back best player awards and decided he wanted in on the action. After a dominating performance in week 13, he kept it up with another stellar performance scoring 240.50 points. His stat line was 17/20 at the free-throw line and 4/16 from downtown. Dejounte collected 85 points, 48 total rebounds, 40 assists, five steals, three double-doubles, and two triple-doubles.

People often assume if someone wins the worse player of the week, they had a bad week. That is not always the case, especially in Malik Monk’s case, who collected 41.90 points in the win. The Lakers star went one for two at the line and connected on 3/7 from behind the arch. He had 24 points, 10 rebounds, three assists, and one block.

Jusuf Nurkic (Portland) had the best stat line of any players in the matchup with 242.20 points. After shooting 18/28 at the line and 1/5 from downtown, he collected 79 points with 83 rebounds, 12 assists, seven steals, six blocks, and four double-doubles.

There was only one roster transaction to report, and that was Monk being waived back to the free agency pool. Since the team dominated most of the matchup, there was no need to add players to the lineup.

Weekly Move Total: 0/25

Season Move Total: 25

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