4 Penn Plaza Refuse to Lose, Tie Franchise Win Mark

4 Penn Plaza was founded during COVID times, and the first season was hit and miss. Somewhere along the way, the team set marks with numerous five-game winning and losing streaks. Fast forward a calendar year, and the team just tied a franchise record with their fifth consecutive victory.

Not only did the 2021 Plaza team tie a win streak record, but they also went on the scoreboard setting a franchise record for most scored in a single matchup with 2966.60, just 33.40 points shy of 3000. The win came at the perfect time because the boys have been fighting Jam Y’all for weeks to climb into the second overall spot in the standings.

Week 18 took place during the NBA All-Star Game, so there were only days of action, but it was stretched over two weeks.

The original projections had 4 Penn Plaza securing a 191.37 point victory, but through determination and hard work, the boys won the matchup by 349.70 points. The matchup opened up with a solid lead for Plaza, who collected 459.40 points compared to Jam, who only put up 231.50.

On Tuesday, the deficit grew a few points before expanding to 404.60 after Wednesday when Penn Plaza put up a matchup high of 519.60 points. The two teams played through Thursday, where PLaza took a 1536.60-1108.30 lead into the break.

The two teams were pretty quiet upon the first night back, where the score stayed relatively close to the one they entered the break with. On the second Friday of the matchup, Plaza was up 457.80 to all but put the matchup to bed as the final weekend approached. They added extra points to the deficit before losing it on Sunday.

When the final buzzer hit, Penn Plaza had the lead for every day of the matchup, extending their daily streak to 35 days, another franchise record. They were the first team to cross 1000 points, and 1500 before Jam even got to 1100. Both teams managed to surpass 2000, with Plaza achieving the feat first. Even with the matchup all but over by Sunday morning, both teams extended their scores, collecting over 2500 points apiece.

After 18 weeks, Penn Plaza owns the top two spots in half the league’s categories, ranking third in the remaining six categories. The goal was to hold both rebound categories, steals, and blocks. With only two weeks left in the season, it is safe to say mission accomplished. The team was not projected to be this good, but team management will take it and hope to succeed in the playoffs.

Just when people celebrated Penn Plaza’s 2966.60 points, The Flight Attendant stole their thunder by slaughtering the Manager-less Team by 1987.20 points, 3304.00-1316.80. This matchup has to be the most lopsided on the schedule and showcases that the Attendant is gunning for the championship.

Stephen A. Smith’s Team scored 1823.30 points in their win, which was less than the deficit between the Attendants and the Manager-less Team. Smith’s team defeated their siblings, who scored the least points on the week with 1171.90.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee) became the team’s first sixth-time winner of the best player award, collecting 224.00 fantasy points in the win. The power forward had 111 points on the court thanks to 30/39 free throws, 5/13 three-pointers, and 47 rebounds. He collected 19 assists, four steals, one block, and three double-doubles. 

This historic win wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows; Jalen Green (Houston) had a subpar week with 23.50 points. He connected on just two of his four free-throw attempts and shot 50% from downtown (3/6) while chipping in 13 points. The shooting guard collected one rebound, two assists, one steal, and one block.

Joel Embiid (Philadelphia) gave everything he had to keep Jam Y’all in the matchup, producing 249.50 points. Despite his heroic efforts, which included 58/70 at the line and 6/14 from beyond the arc, his 132 points did little to slow down his opponents. With the highest player total on the scorecard, Embiid collected 44 rebounds, 17 assists, three steals, five blocks, and two double-doubles. 

Riding a five-game win streak for only the second time in franchise history, team management barely tweaked the roster in week 18, just dropping two players while welcoming two back from injured reserve. The only transactions involved Mason Plumlee (Charolette) and Green, who were both returned to the free agency pool.


Weekly Move Total: 0/25

Season Move Total: 35

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