After Two Weeks Away, 4 Penn Plaza Return to the Win Column

It felt like a long time coming, but 4 Penn Plaza started a new win streak in week nine by defeating a rather lifeless Stephan A. Smith’s Team, 2111.60 to 995.20. The win pushed Plaza two games over .500 while Smith’s team dropped to 2-6 on the season. This week’s matchup was the second opponent the Rock managed to hold to less than 1000 points during the 2021-22 season.

4 Penn Plaza scored 41.68 extra points over their projections, while Smith’s team came in a whopping 170.80 points under the experts’ projections.

After Monday night, the matchup was never in question for 4 Penn Plaza, who opened the scoring with 287.10 points. The score continued to ballon in their favor as the days passed, ultimately reaching 1116.40 points when the final buzzer sounded.

4 Penn Plaza reached 1000 points on Wednesday while Smith’s team struggled to get to 500 by the midway point. The boys surpassed 2000 on the final day of the matchup while their opponents came just 4.80 points away from reaching four digits on the score clock.

The victors averaged 318.76 points a day, and the daily deficit was about 727.00 points.

Through nine weeks of balling, 4 Penn Plaza has found its place among the best teams in the league. The team has no fifth-place rankings in any scoring categories, with their best numbers being rebounds, steals, and blocks. Much to everyone’s surprise, they rank second in double-doubles and triple-doubles. The lowest rankings are in three-pointers, both attempts, and baskets.

When we examine their matchup records, the team also has zero fifth-place rankings, with just three fourth-place finishes- three-pointers and assists.

Only two teams collected over 2000 points in their victories in week nine, while the Manager-less Team secured their win with just 1644.10 points. The Flight Attendants were the highest-scoring team (2307.20) and improved to 7-1-0 on the season. 

4 Penn Plaza jumped up to second place as Jam Y’all dropped their matchup. Plaza gets the nod for the higher seed based on points scored. The two Stephan A. Smith teams continue to occupy the bottom spots in the standings with 2-6-0 and 1-7-0 records.

Last year’s team MVP, Rudy Gobert (Utah), collected his first best player award in week nine. The Jazz star led his team with 167.20 points, the lowest total for any player to earn the prize so far this season. Gobert’s stat line read like this: 13/21 at the free-throw line, 47 points, 59 total rebounds, six assists, nine steals, ten blocks, and three double-doubles.

Evan Mobley (Cleveland) had a team-low of 26.30 points during the matchup. His stats included connecting on 3/4 free throws, nine points, seven rebounds, three steals, and two blocks. 

Smith’s team’s best shooter was Karl-Anthony Towns, who collected 166.90 points in the loss. His final numbers seem wasted since he went 20/23 at the line and 6/16 from downtown. He collected 84 points with 27 rebounds, 14 assists, five steals, four blocks, and one double-double.

After a busy week of roster adjustments, 4 Penn Plaza management stayed the course and cruised to victory without tinkering with the lineup.

Weekly Move Total: 0/25

Season Move Total: 9

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