Six Game Win Streak Breaks Franchise Record

Fans and followers of 4 Penn Plaza had a new milestone to celebrate during week 19, and that is the team breaking the franchise win mark by earning their sixth consecutive victory. Coupled with a Jam Y’all loss, the win gave the Plaza team sole procession of second place in the standings with just one week to go.

After making it through the most brutal stretch of the schedule, Penn Plaza is closing out the regular season against two of its weakest teams. This aligning of the stars gives this team a shot at a ring when the playoffs commence in two weeks.

With the 2022 All-Star game a thing of the past, fantasy basketball returned to normal in week 19. Back to the original seven-day format, Penn Plaza extended their franchise daily lead record to 42 games by clean sweeping Stephen A. Smith’s team, 2867.40-1381.80. The Plaza boys exceeded the computer projections (2718.47) while holding Smith’s Team to a final score (1381.80) lower than projected (1407.00).

The matchup was all but over by the end of the day on Wednesday when Penn Plaza surpassed 1200 points, and Smith’s Team barely collected 500. By the time Plaza crossed 2300 points, SMith’s Team had just found themselves at 1100 for the week. In the end, the lopsided scores resulted in a 1485.60 point difference in the final score.

On Wednesday, Penn Plaza had its best day with 545.00 points and collected 409.63 daily. They maintain a deficit average of 911.63 points.

Not much has changed in the weekly team statistics, except now 4 Penn Plaza ranks seconds in triple-doubles after spending weeks in third. The boys now own a first or second-place ranking in the final seven categories, leaving the third-place ranking in five categories: free throws, three-pointers, and points. Thanks to impressive matchup totals, the team has the same rankings in the win-loss-ties categories.

After losing out on the chance to be the highest team in the previous week, Penn Plaza stormed out of the gate and refused to let up, earning a title that eluded them a week prior. The league’s best team, The Flight Attendant, may hold down the top seed but took a back seat in points scored, having the second-highest total with 2308.40. Both teams were the only teams to secure a win with more than 1200 points.

Jam Y’all, who dropped down to third in the standings, put up 1927.90 in a losing effort, which was more than double what the Manager-less Team did in their loss. Stephen A. Smith’s Team had 1381.80 in their loss, while SMith’s Great Team had 1203.90 in their win.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee) earned his seventh-best player award in week 19, saving his best performance for last. Thanks to some impressive numbers on the hardwood, the reigning world champion had a season-high 292.20 points. Antetokounmpo shot 36/50 from the line and just 1/9 from downtown. He collected 107 points with 76 rebounds and 22 assists. He collected seven steals, nine blocks, and four double-doubles to finish the week off.

DeMarcus Cousins (Denver) saw limited playing time during the matchup, and his 5.90 fantasy points reflect that. The Nuggets player missed two three-point attempts and scored 1/2 free throw attempts. He finished the week with just one basket and five rebounds. 

Christian Wood (Houston) scored 216.60 fantasy points, almost a hundred fewer than Antetokounmpo. He was Smith’s best player thanks to a stat line like this: 21/29 at the line, 10/20 from beyond the arc, 91 points, 48 rebounds, and 12 assists. He collected five steals and seven blocks for good measure, along with three double-doubles. 

After a quiet week regarding roster adjustments in week 18, the brains behind the organization were a tad bit busier this time around. They executed a total of five transactions involving the following players: Hassan Whiteside (Utah), sent to waivers, Cameron Thomas (Brooklyn), and Carmelo Anthony (Los Angeles). Buddy Hield (Indianapolis), Jalen Smith (Indianapolis), and Cousins were all signed to deals in their place.


Weekly Move Total: 3/25

Season Move Total: 38

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