’19 Fantasy Football Week 2


The worse drafted team is now 2-0. Second in points for, first in points against. Go figure.

Pinstripe Bowl opened up the second week of the season as underdogs yet again. The quarterback bug that is currently going around the league really affected our matchup. Chod’s Team lost New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees, and the rest of the team could never recover in a 141.96 – 78.52 loss. Pinstripe Bowl scored the most significant margin of victory in Week 2, 63.44 points. Chod’s Team was the only team not to crack 100 points, while Pinstripe Bowl finished with the third-highest point total of the week. 

We just want to point out that the computer predicted we’d be 0-2 and 3-11 for the season. We are now 2/3 of the way to our season win total. 



There is no need to brag or kick a man while he’s down. The final numbers speak from themselves. As you can see that we never trailed in the matchup and cruised to the victory with ease.

These victories will not come this easy. There will be weeks when the final score will come down to the last play on Monday Night Football. We just need to saviour the good ones because the bad ones can happen at any time. 

week2pointsWe scored all those points (mostly thanks to the New England Patriots defence), but only three of the nine starters actually exceeded their projections. The bench was even worse with one guy going above and beyond. 

I have come to realize that everyone’s “projections” change every day and even during the game. The projections I write down on Tuesday are not the same when the game starts on Sunday. For purposes of tracking these numbers, I now just write down their “final” projections. 

For the second straight week, there is a lot of red in the over/under column. One of these days, those final projections are going to come back to haunt us, and we will probably get slaughtered. The starting guys did beat out the bench guys, but it was still only 2.91 points, so that is not a whole lot to brag about. 

Here are the rest of the week 2 scores:





If history wants to remind us of anything, it will be that our fantasy baseball team was in first place after week two too. After that, it was a free fall through the standings and an eighth-place finish. Also, we have been down this road many times before. It never ends pretty. In 2017, we were the last undefeated team at 8-0. After the bye week, we only won once more and lost in the first round of the playoffs. 

As of today, we have the second highest-scoring team in the league. Our defence has given up the least amount of points. We also hold the #1 spot for this week’s waiver wire.



There was a bunch of room on the bench this week since Sterling Shepard (concussion) didn’t play and Golden Tate is still suspended. 

It was a surprise for us like it was for you. Emmanuel Sanders went off for the second straight week. His 28.80 points were second best on the team, even for someone who didn’t dress. We know the moment we insert him into the starting lineup though, that will be the week he returns to reality and puts up four or five points. 

If anything, we need help in the receiving corps. One guy is out, one guy is still suspended, and Stefan Diggs just isn’t getting it done. As of right now, we don’t see any other holes that need filling. The only concern we have is Kenyan Drake. Sorry to say it, but the Dolphins are really going to be a mess this season. 


Best Player in Starting Lineup: Tom Brady – QB New England (2x Row)
Actual Points: 26.66     Projected Points: 24.38     Stat Line: 246 yards/2 TD

Worse Player in Starting Lineup: Stefon Diggs – QB Minnesota 
Actual Points: 9.90     Projected Points: 14.62     Stat Line: 49 yards/1 TD

Best Player on the Bench: Emmanuel Sanders – WR Denver 
Actual Points: 28.80     Projected Points: 10.50     Stat Line: 13 catches/98 yards/1 TD

Best Player in the League: Demarcus Robinson WR – Kansas City (Free Agent) 
Actual Points: 35.20    Projected Points: 8.84     Stat Line: 172 yards/2 TD



We did not make a transaction during the week. Since almost everyone else picked up someone off the waiver wire, we moved up to the #1 slot for this upcoming week. 

Who knows what the future holds.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 1/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2019 Fantasy Football season. 

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