’19 NFL Pick’Em Week 2

My ego got the best of me this week. I went 12-3 in week one, so I thought why not waste $10 of my hard-earned money. I went out first thing on Sunday morning and did a Sports Select ticket. I went 3-3 and did not win the money I was projected to.

Things were not any better in the Rick Rolled Pick’em Group.

Once Upon a Time in NE Picks

I don’t read much into injury reports since every superstar is listed as “questionable” and then end up playing. It is hard to make picks based on those injury reports, but the Giants failed me miserably with the majority of their receivers out. There were a few other upsets (in my mind). I say that because we couldn’t predict injuries to quarterbacks or players underperforming. That being said, it was a miserable 9-7 week. 


Thursday Night Football: Tampa Bay @ Carolina (-1)

Games played on Thursday nights are soooooo boring. With that being said, Cam Newton is no longer MVP material. Unless he turns his ugly start around, it’s gonna be a long season in Carolina.

San Francisco @ Cincinnati (+1)

I picked San Francisco on that Sports Select. I just had a feeling they would be a better team. They won, and Jimmy Garoppolo looked good in the process.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Detroit (-1)

In a very low scoring game (13-10), the team I picked to win clearly didn’t score enough points. Who chooses the Lions to win anything?

Minnesota @ Green Bay (-1)

One day Aaron Rodgers will be done, and Green Bay won’t always win at home. They are one of the best home teams, I just thought Minnesota was a better team overall.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee (-1)

In a battle of two teams that are nowhere near elite, I decided Indianapolis had more impact guys in their lineup to take it. It was close, but I still ended up on the losing end.

New England @ Miami (+1)

I think the only people who picked Miami were Dolphins fans. Even then, they may have been smart enough to pick the Patriots.

New York Giants @ Buffalo (-1)

Our picks are due on Thursday afternoon before the first game of the week. Little did I know the Giants wouldn’t be showing up. Also didn’t think that the Bills would be 2-0 after playing their cross-state rivals in back to back games.

Seattle @ Pittsburgh (+1)

I just had the feeling that Seattle was going to continue the misery that is Steelers football in 2019. This was probably my second most confident pick of the week. 

Washington @ Dallas (+1)

Like most people, I just didn’t see the Cowboys losing at home with a fully stacked lineup.

Baltimore @ Arizona (+1)

The Ravens came back down to Earth. Face it, you can’t play Miami every week. They still seem to be clicking on all cylinders.

Jacksonville @ Houston (+1)

The Texans are supposed to be an elite team, right? How do you beat the Jaguars 13-12 and think you’re a Super Bowl contender. At least I picked them this week.

Kansas City @ Oakland (+1)

I’m picking Kansas City until they play New England. Other than that, the Chiefs will roll through their opponents.

Chicago @ Denver (+1)

I figured the Bears are better than what the mess that was Week 1. It is still hard to win in high altitude, but they left with the W.

New Orleans @ Los Angeles Rams (-1)

No one thought Drew Brees would get injured. That alone changed the complexion of that game. Some people got rich picking the Rams.

Sunday Night Football: Philadelphia @ Atlanta (-1)

The Eagles are another team that is a walking MASH unit. I’ll be wiser with them until the reinforcements come back.

Monday Night Football: Cleveland @ New York Jets (+1)

This was Odell Beckham’s first time back to New York since the trade. He was gonna steal whatever spotlight he left behind.

Standings & Group Picks

We finished 9-7, which dropped us several spots in the standings. We are four points out of first and three points out of last. 


Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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