’19 Fantasy Football Week 4


housefireThis house symbolizes our fantasy team this week. That’s me with the hose. Useless.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports can be so rewarding yet so heartbreaking, all at the same time. I wasn’t heartbroken this week, but the agony that came with player’s performances could cause someone to go into cardiac arrest.

If you don’t believe me, think how’d disappointed you’d be if your starting quarterback had less than five points and a running back on the bench had 32 points. Shocking isn’t even a word to describe it. 

Tom Brady is a legend and this past week had to be his worse fantasy week in his entire career. Sony Michel was supposed to be one of the most feared running back in the whole league. Instead, he’s flat out disappointed. The Patriots offence was so terrible that their kicker Stephen Gostkowski had 0.70 points less than Brady, our starting quarterback. 

The Patriots may have won their game and remained undefeated, but our team suffered. 



Does anyone remember the Philadelphia and Green Bay game from Thursday night? I’ll probably never forget it. That was the night we scored 13.50 to take the lead but left 45.30 points on the bench. That was just from one game. 

Things didn’t get any better on Sunday morning. Terry McLaurin was listed as “questionable” and ended up not playing. Considering almost 90% of the players in the NFL are listed as “questionable” I didn’t read much into it. Well, that turned into a mistake because McLaurin did not play and I got zero points from the wide receiver position. Not saying we could have won the matchup with this one position, but we could have reached 100 points. 

There really isn’t anything else to say. If you look below, you’ll see we finished -18.60 under our projected totals for the week. Only the New England defence was able to save face. The two players who went above their projections did so with little fanfare. They combined for a total of 2.64 improvements. We just can’t win matchups with this kind of production.

In terms of individual performances, Brady remains our top point-getter. Once ranked in ninth place, he now occupies the 20th spot. He is the only player in the Top 25.













There was not a single minus player on the bench. Combined, those four guys came within 10.30 points of scoring as many as the starting line up. I don’t think anyone could have predictable Jordon Howard’s epic night, which had an impact on the outcome.

Here are the rest of the week 4 scores:


What a very odd week for fantasy scores. Three teams didn’t even crack the 100 point barrier. Also, for the second straight week, we were the lowest-scoring team. 



One team remains undefeated, while two teams are still looking for their first wins. Our team is really one win away from second place, but only a few wins out of the last place. If we don’t get our crap together, we could Trump Towers first victory next week.


Best Player in Starting Lineup: Sterling Shepard – WR New York Giants
Points: 16.90     Projected Points: 14.86     Stat Line: 7 catches/76 yards

Worse Player in Starting Lineup: Stephen Gostkowski – K New England Patriots
Points: 4.00     Projected Points: 8.58     Stat Line: 1 FG / 1 PAT 

Best Player on the Bench: Jordan Howard – RB Philadelphia 
Points: 32.50     Projected Points: 5.50     Stat Line: 3 TD

Best Player in the League: Chris Godwin WR – Tampa Bay (Mother Buckners) 
Points: 41.20    Projected Points: 15.90    Stat Line: 172 yards/2 TD


There were no transactions during week four. We still have #1 priority when it comes to waiver wire pickups. Maybe we will use it for week five, perhaps we won’t. 

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 2/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2019 Fantasy Football season. 

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