’19 NFL Pick’Em Week 4

For the second straight week, we predicted most of the early games right, only to falter in the afternoon. Not only that, we went 0-2 on the nightcap games. Hopefully, this isn’t a growing trend for us. It could cost us dearly down the stretch. 

Once Upon a Time in NE Picks


Thursday Night Football: Philadelphia @ Green Bay (-1)

Raise your hand if you thought Philadelphia would explode for 34 points IN Green Bay. Liar. Put your hand down. Of course, Jordan Howard was the hero of the night. Too bad I left him on the bench in fantasy.

Tennessee @ Atlanta (+1)

Tennessee has a few good players in their lineup, and when they are all clicking, the Titans can win games. We can say the same thing about Atlanta, but there are deeper problems down there.

New England @ Buffalo (+1)

New England won. That wasn’t overly surprising. What was surprising was in the manner they pulled it off. The offence was garbage all day, and fantasy owners probably don’t have any hair left. Buffalo was always going to be a challenge, but these are the defending champions.

Kansas City @ Detroit (+1)

One day Kansas City will lose. I didn’t think Detroit was going to threaten them, but they did say Patrick Mahomes had never played in a dome before. Maybe he needs to play in them more so the path to the Super Bowl doesn’t go through KC.

Oakland @ Indianapolis (-1)

Of course the week I don’t pick the Raiders, they win. I thought Indianapolis was the better team on paper and on the field. Anything can happen on Any Given Sunday.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Miami (+1)

Miami scored a touchdown this week. That’s an improvement. Some day they will win, but the Chargers had this game won before the opening kick-off.

Washington @ New York Giants (+1)

Personally, the quarterback drama in New York was a little silly. However, David Jones may actually be the present and future of the Giants offence. Just like the New York Rangers, a franchise icon is going to be replaced this season.

Cleveland @ Baltimore (-1)

Cleveland got a win against one of the surprise stronger teams of the season. Not only did they win, but they put up 40 points on a usually tough Ravens defence.

Carolina @ Houston (+1)

Carolina continues to survive without star quarterback Cam Newton. Someone has to wonder if he has been holding them back all these years?

Tampa Bay @ Los Angeles Rams (-1)

In the week’s highest-scoring game, Tampa Bay, yes that Tampa Bay rolled to a convincing victory of the defending NFC champions. Who would have seen that coming?

Seattle @ Arizona (+1)

Seattle had to rebound after a home loss the previous week. A road trip away allows for team bonding.

Minnesota @ Chicago (+1)

Despite a major injury set back, the bears went into the dome and pulled out a tough victory against a tough opponent. Thanks, Chicago for not letting me down this week.

Jacksonville @ Denver (-1)

In another close game, Denver remains winless on the year. There are some fantasy studs on the team, but these guys are going nowhere fast.

Sunday Night Football: Dallas @ New Orleans (-1)

Low scoring games are supposed to be on Thursday night, not Sunday night. I sided with the more powerful Dallas offence, who decided not to show up during the prime time.

Monday Night Football: Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (-1)

The Steelers finally won a game. That means the morning newspapers will have the Super Bowl parade all mapped out. Sadly these two teams are pretty bad, so of course, someone had to win.

Standings & Group Picks

Our 8-7 record lands us in fourth place in the seven-team league. That’s four picks out of first place and two points out of sixth. The person in seventh missed a week’s worth of picks, but still only sit eight points behind sixth.


Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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