’19 Fantasy Football Week 5


billStill looking for answers after our third straight loss.

Pinstripe Bowl dropped another matchup, their third loss in a row. Maybe because MLB playoffs are in full swing, our focus may be on the diamond and not on the football field. 

Roster mismanagement cost us this week since our loss was less than seven points. Take a good look at the team now, because it won’t be the same in the future. As we became the first victim for Trump Towers, the bottom dwellers are now one win away from leaving us in the basement. 



The week five matchup was determined by 7.74 points. Two critical decisions led to the close matchup. First, we decided to put our injured kicker, Stephan Gostkowski (New England), on the IR. Instead of signing another kicker, we decided to roll with another wide receiver, thus leaving the kicker position open. Second, if you go back and look at the weekly transactions, you will see Trump Towers actually cut Will Fuller V (Houston). The wide receiver then went on to have the best week out of all players in the league, with 53.70 points. How differently things could have played out for either team.

In terms of the actual matchup, sadly, 95 points left on the bench are what prevented us from contending. Yes, we came within ten points of winning, but a little more production from the starters would have made all the difference. 

It gets so discouraging every week a superstar emerges from the bench. This week it was Phillip Lindsay (Denver). When he is in the starting lineup, he plays just okay, but when on the bench, he always seems to exceed his projections by a lot. 

This also happened to be the week Sony Michel (New England) finally broke out of his funk. His 21.30 points are a season-high. For the last few weeks, we’ve debated on cutting ties with him, since he seemed he was never going to break out. 

The one thing we know for sure is it is time to cut Stefon Diggs (Minnesota). Another subpar performance has really killed his fantasy value. The media will lead you to believe that the quarterback situation is the main reason why he isn’t producing. We can’t hang our hopes on such a situation. Denver had been winless all season, yet the two guys on our roster have been reliable in production. 


Four players in the starting line up exceeded their projections. The 6.34 points were a tad bit higher than the bench, which also scored 0.56 points above their predictions. Meanwhile, a staggering nine players on the roster never met their forecasts. A major roster shakeup is in the future. It may be the only thing that saves our season. 

Here are the rest of the week 5 scores:


We were the third-lowest scoring team of the week. Something happened to Luck’sRetirementTour since they didn’t even crack 100 points. Chod’s Team won despite barely scoring in the triple digits. 



There’s a new number one team in the league. Even though there is a three-way tie for first, MotherBuckners lead the league in points scored. There are two teams with over 700 points for, while we remain the only team that hasn’t cracked 600 yet. Half of the league has given up more points than they have scored, which explains why there are four winning records and four losing records. 


Best Player in Starting Lineup: Tom Brady – QB New England
Points: 27.92     Projected Points: 22.04     Stat Line: 348 yards / 3 TD

Worse Player in Starting Lineup: Diontae Johnson – WR Pittsburgh
Points: 7.70     Projected Points: 9.83     Stat Line: 5 catches / 27 yards 

Best Player on the Bench: Phillip Lindsay – RB Denver 
Points: 24.70     Projected Points: 12.34     Stat Line: 114 yards / 1 TD

Best Player in the League: Will Fuller V – WR Houston (WATCH WHAT U SAQUON) 
Points: 53.70    Projected Points: 11.66    Stat Line: 217 yards / 3 TD


On Thursday, October 3, we learnt that New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski was done for the season. If you didn’t know, Gostkowski had kicked every field goal for the Patriots, for the last eight seasons. To say his season-ending injury was going to be a blow to the team is an understatement.  

We decided to place our favourite kicker on the injured reserve list, opening a spot in the lineup. Since our wide receivers have underperformed all season, we decided to target a wideout. 

We snagged Pittsburgh Steeler Dionate Johnson. In the previous two games, without Ben Roethlisberger, he managed to collect 14.80 and 17.70 points. The research said that Dionate had great chemistry with new quarterback Mason Rudolph. Sadly, they didn’t have a great game this past Sunday, where he collected only 7.70 points.

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 3/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2019 Fantasy Football season. 

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