’19 NFL Pick’Em Week 5

It has become clear that with each passing week, we know nothing about the National Football League. Our seven victorious picks in Week 5 were good enough for the last place in the league.

Some of the games we picked should have been won, but surprises can happen on any given Sunday. 

Once Upon a Time in NE Picks


Thursday Night Football: Los Angeles @ Seattle (-1)

I bet the NFL regrets scheduling this game in primetime on Thursday. Usually, these are the lowest-scoring and most boring games of the week. What a barn burner that turned out to be. It was really anyone’s game until the buzzer sounded.

Arizona @ Cincinnati (-1)

In another battle of the league’s bottom-dwellers, someone had to win. Arizona is building towards something, while Cincinnati continues to look for a win. Fans of the team must wonder what could have been…just a few years ago.

Buffalo @ Tennessee (-1)

Buffalo doesn’t like to score a whole lot of points. Even though they are 4-1, they have a total of 90 points scored won’t scare anyone. They should be lucky to be 4-1. Tennessee meanwhile remains one game out of the division lead at 2-3.

Chicago @ Oakland (-1)

In a week filled with errors, Oakland surprised me with a three-point victory. When I pick them, they lose, when I don’t, they win. You get the idea.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans (+1)

Tampa Bay may be an up and coming team, but New Orleans is a tough team at home. Somehow these guys are surviving without Drew Brees.

Minnesota @ New York Giants (+1)

Rookie quarterback David Jones had to lose at some point. Minnesota is always a tough opponent. The Vikings took advantage of his mistakes and reminded the Giants they still got a lot of work to do. 

New York Jets @ Philadelphia (+1)

The Jets were not going to Philadelphia and pull out a win. They are indeed a disaster this season, like most seasons. The Eagles continue to roll, especially after beating up on Green Bay last week.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (+1)

The Steelers won a game and then took one of the league’s biggest surprises to overtime. Thankfully the better team won and continued the misery that is now Pittsburgh Steeler football.

New England @ Washington (+1)

Despite a power outage on offence in Buffalo, the Patriots notched another win against a weaker opponent. Washington should be hit and miss all season, it will just depend on who they are playing.

Jacksonville @ Carolina (-1)

Carolina got the better of me this week. Still, without Cam Netwon, the guys find ways to win. This contest was probably closer than anyone wanted it to be, but Jacksonville stays in the hunt for the division lead with a 2-3 record.

Atlanta @ Houston (+1)

Houston not only beat Atlanta, but they also put up the most points by any team this week. The Falcons may have one of the best players in the league on their team, but overall they lack the stuff that led to the Super Bowl a few years ago.

Denver @ Los Angeles Chargers (-1)

Denver finally won a game! Personally, I can’t believe they beat a much stronger and experienced team. Now with that first one out of the way, maybe they can get a few more.

Green Bay @ Dallas (-1)

This quarterback matchup, Aaron Rodgers vs. Dak Prescott, was all the talk. A 34-24 score shows that both guys showed up. The Packers rebounded after a loss in a robust building to win. Dallas may be good, but still not the top of the league good.

Sunday Night Football: Indianapolis @ Kansas City (-1)

I would consider this 19-13 Colts victory to be the upset of the season. There was no way these guys should have walked into Arrowhead Stadium and won. The Chiefs will take out their frustrations out on Houston next week. Just watch that blowout.

Monday Night Football: Cleveland @ San Francisco (+1)

I thought this was Cleveland’s year? It appears to be the same old same old in the dog pound. The 49ers, though, have shown they could be contenders this season and be a team worth watching leading up to the playoffs.

Standings & Group Picks

In my personal opinion, barring a miracle and a shocking turn of events, we will remain near the bottom of the standings. To leapfrog to the top, we’d need to score six more victories and four teams in front of us. 

Meanwhile, we are only six picks away from being the worse team in the league. Whoever picks the games for Peter King is a genius. He routinely scores the highest each week and has built himself a nice little cushion at the top. 

Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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