’19 Fantasy Football Week 9


sanu.jpgThank God we kept this guy! 

The New England Patriots finally lost a game. Although the Baltimore Ravens turned out to be their toughest opponent to date, the Sunday night football game didn’t really hamper our chances for a fantasy victory.

Thanks to six of the nine starters reaching double digits, all of them collecting more than 15 points each, we were able to secure our fourth straight win. The win moved us up another spot in the standings, with only five weeks left.



We owe the San Francisco 49ers a bunch of gratitude. Their high scoring affair with the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night jumped us out to an early 44.10 lead. That was all we needed for momentum as we only conceded 11.46 points of that lead for a 124.00-91.36 win.

When you looked at original projections, we missed the mark by 0.35 points, while Chod’s Team missed theirs by 20 points.

The final score could have been a landslide, had we played more Philadelphia Eagles players and newly acquired New England Patriot Mohammed Sanu. Tight End Zach Ertz scored a season-high 25.30 points, while Sanu impressed with 24.10 points. He almost tripled the production of the two starting wide receivers Stefon Diggs (2.60) and Alshon Jeffery (7.60). Jordan Howard had an excellent game for the Eagles, but both our running backs scored high enough to justify their place in the starting lineup.

One other note to share is the absence of Indianapolis quarterback Jacoby Brissett. He was on the team during his game on Sunday. After getting injured and posting a whopping 2.76 points, we cut him. Before the end of the day on Sunday, New York Giant Daniel Jones joined the team and chipped in 13.80 points in the loss to Dallas.


Thanks to some outstanding performances on the bench and some rather lacklustre ones from our defence and wide receivers, the bench players came within 22.60 points of outscoring the starting nine.

As far as Top 25 scorers go, Brady continues to be our highest scoring player. Since he doesn’t play in Week 10, we may lose our only spot on the list.

Here are the rest of the week 9 scores:


For the first time in forever, we were not the lowest scoring victorious team!! WATCH WHAT U SAQUON scored an impressive 84.12 victory over KicknCoffinCorners, but we scored 2.18 more points. 

It seemed like scoring was down across the league. For the last few weeks, we have seen plenty of scores top 150. This week, no one even touched 140. 

The bye weeks are wreaking havoc on several teams, including KicknCoffinCorners, who scored a league season-low of 37.70 points.  



We were in first place after week one. Our current stop in third place is the second-highest spot we’ve been in all season.

It only took nine weeks, but we finally reached the one thousand point club. Only one club (KicknCoffinCorners) remains 54.36 points away. 

Meanwhile, in a shocking turn of events, Pinstripe Bowl remains the only team that hasn’t given up a thousand points yet. 


Best Player in Starting Lineup: Emmanuel Sanders – WR San Francisco
Points: 24.20     Projected Points: 13.42     Stat Line: 112 yards / 1 TD

Worse Player in Starting Lineup: Stefon Diggs – WR Minnesota
Points: 2.60     Projected Points: 17.03     Stat Line: 4 yards / 1 catch

Best Player on the Bench: Zach Ertz – TE Philadelphia 
Points: 25.30    Projected Points: 10.88     Stat Line: 1 TD 103 yards

Best Player in the League: Russell Wilson – QB Seattle
Points: 44.22     Projected Points: 24.56    Stat Line: 5 TD 378 yards


The New England Patriots released kicked Mike Nugent on Tuesday, October 29. We then scrambled to find his replacement, our third kicker of the season. In stepped Brett Maher from the Dallas Cowboys. 

On Sunday, November 3rd, we heard that Jacoby Brissett injured himself against Pittsburgh. He was our backup quarterback plan for Tom Brady’s bye week.

After that injury scare, we immediately cut Brisset and grabbed New York Giant quarterback Daniel Jones. He was still considered a free agent since the Giants didn’t play until Monday Night Football. 

Since the New York Jets are one of the worse teams in football, we hope that the Giants bring it against their cross-town rivals in Week 10. 

Weekly Move Total: 2/4 

Season Move Total: 8/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2019 Fantasy Football season. 

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