’19 NFL Pick’Em Week 9

One week after stunning the pick’em pool with a perfect week, we sunk back to reality with a 9-5 week.

Although we ran our correct picks streak to 18 straight games, it really didn’t matter in the end.

Once Upon a Time in NE Picks


Thursday Night Football: San Francisco @ Arizona (+1)

The 49ers will lose someday. Just wasn’t going to be Thursday Night.

Houston @ Jacksonville (+1)

It seems when a Houston sports team leaves town, they win.

Washington @ Buffalo (+1)

Buffalo needed to rebound at home. Mission accomplished.

Minnesota @ Kansas City (-1)

Who else thought that the Chiefs were going to be done? So much for that.

New York Jets @ Miami (+1)

Someone had to win this game…granted a tie would have been impressive.

Chicago @ Philadelphia (+1)

The Eagles players on my fantasy team went off. Thankfully we picked them to win.

Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh (-1)

I wonder what would have happened if quarterback Jacoby Brissett didn’t get injured.

Tennessee @ Carolina (-1)

So much for waiting for that other shoe to drop in Carolina…

Detroit @ Oakland (+1)

I can’t recall why I picked Oakland… must have been a statistic that stood out to me.

Tampa Bay @ Seattle (+1)

The difference may have been six points when, in reality, it was Russell Wilson.

Cleveland @ Denver (+1)

Great memes came from this game, nothing else.

Green Bay @ Los Angeles Chargers (-1)

If Aaron Rodgers were so good…he wouldn’t lose to the Chargers…Tom Brady doesn’t.

Sunday Night Football: New England @ Baltimore (-1) 

I don’t know what’s worse, that my mind wanted to pick Baltimore or the fact I couldn’t comprehend how bad the Patriots looked.

Monday Night Football: Dallas @ New York Giants (+1)

The Giants had no chance…after halftime.

Standings & Group Picks

There are only a handful of weeks left in the NFL season and our Pick’em pool. It is safe to say that we will not do a massive climb out of the hole we find ourselves in.


Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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