’19 NFL Pick’Em Week 8

The perfect week.

The only team so far this season.

The only one who achieved the feat in back to back seasons.

Once Upon a Time in NE Picks


Thursday Night Football: Washington @ Minnesota (+1)

Thursday games are as dull as paint drying. I took the home team in this one.

Seattle @ Atlanta (+1)

Atlanta made it closer than I expected.

Philadelphia @ Buffalo (+1)

Philadelphia took care of the Buffalo defence with 31 points.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Chicago (+1)

Chicago can’t decide what it wants to be… contender or pretender.

New York Giants @ Detroit (+1)

Wonder what the odds were that both New York teams would suck?

Tampa Bay @ Tennessee (+1)

This game was a toss-up. I sided with the home team.

Cincinnati @ Los Angeles Rams (+1)

Cincinnati fired a coach. It is a start. The Rams won. It is also a start.

Arizona @ New Orleans (+1)

Drew Brees returned. The Saints won again. Nothing changed.

New York Jets @ Jacksonville (+1)

This was one of the safest bets of the week.

Oakland @ Houston (+1)

At least there was one team who won a game in Houston lately.

Carolina @ San Francisco (+1)

51 points. We’ll see the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game…against Green Bay.

Denver @ Indianapolis (+1)

Denver is far removed from the glory years. Time for fresh blood.

Cleveland @ New England (+1)

I was scared. The Patriots defence gave up 13 points!

Sunday Night Football: Green Bay @ Kansas City (+1)

Kansas City is a different team without Patrick Mahomes.

Monday Night Football: Miami @ Pittsburgh (+1)

Pittsburgh ALMOST became the laughing stock of the NFL.

Standings & Group Picks

Our most profound regret of the season will always be missing an entire week’s worth of picks. No one can imagine how close the standings could be if we made Week 6 selections.

The only other random stat to share with everyone is since we missed that week, we are 29-2 in selections. Not bad for a comeback.


Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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