’19 Fantasy Football Week 10


tb12.jpgBye weeks are the worse

Way back on September 1, 2019, we knew week 10 was going to be a problem. With so many of our rostered players on their respective bye weeks, we scrambled to find replacements and give it our best. 

Projections indicated we were going to get blown out, and a blow out is what happened. Mother Bucker’s sought revenge from an earlier season loss and continued their dominance over our eight-team league.



When the matchup projections came out, we were supposed to lose by 40 points. We ended up losing by 43.10.

The score was close and in our favour for a short period on Sunday morning. By late afternoon, Mother Buckners went ahead and stayed ahead.

They outscored their projections by 11.29, and we somehow scored 12.15 over our original predictions. We got an A- for a grade, yet found ourselves on the ugly side of a blow out loss. 


The only thing we can say about our week 10 roster is the replacement players came to play.

Daniel Jones (New York) scored more points in his one start than Tom Brady (New England) had in nine previous weeks. Both Stefon Diggs (Minnesota) and Emmanuel Sanders (San Francisco) both underperformed, failing to reach double digits for the umpteenth time this season. Golden Tate (New York) exceeded projections in his return to our club.

Amazingly, Le’Von Bell (New York) matched his projections, right down to the decimal point. His running back partner, free-agent signing Ronald Jones II (Tampa Bay), doubled his forecasts.

What ultimately hurt us was George Kittle’s (San Francisco) injury and his late scratch from his matchup against Seattle. We still lost by 40 points, but 10 or more points from our tight end would have eased the blow.

Here are the rest of the week 10 scores:


We finished as the second-lowest scoring team in week 10. Also, somewhere in the numbers, we were on the wrong end of the league’s second-highest blowout, 47.10 points. The McCaffinator suffered a more substantial loss, 53.42 points, to Trump Towers.



Four straight wins put us in a playoff spot. One loss dropped us from third to fourth with only a handful of weeks left.

We were the last team to give up 1000 points and still remain the best team in regards to points for and points against. Unfortunately, we are the third-lowest scoring team, so our margin of error is thin.


Best Player in Starting Lineup: Daniel Jones – QB New York
Points: 34.32     Projected Points: 19.06     Stat Line: 308 yards / 4 TD

Worse Player in Starting Lineup: Emmanuel Saunders – WR SF 49ers
Points: 4.40     Projected Points: 13.86     Stat Line: 24 yards / 2 catches

Best Player on the Bench: N/A

Best Player in the League: Christian Kirk – WR Arizona
Points: 37.80     Projected Points: 12.38    Stat Line: 3 TD 138 yards


The tenth week of the NFL season wreaked havoc on our roster. 

We had the following players, Phillip Lindsay (RB), Tom Brady (QB), Jordan Howard (RB), Sony Michel (RB), Zach Ertz (TE), and Mohammed Sanu (WR), on the bench for the matchup against the league’s best team.

To stay competitive, we made some tough roster moves to fill in the gaps.

After the waiver wire claims on Wednesday morning, we hopped on our potential targets. First, we dropped Philadelphia Eagles WR Alshon Jeffrey. He’s been questionable with an ankle injury. We grabbed the New York Giants’ defence since they were playing their cross-town rivals, the hapless New York Jets.

Our next move was to select Tampa Bay running back, Ronald Jones II. We dropped Washington rookie wide receiver, Terry McLaurin.

In our last move, we finally dropped one of our three tight ends. Evan Engram, from the New York Giants, has been battling a foot injury and is doubtful from week to week. We grabbed his teammate wide receiver, Golden Tate.

These moves gave us a full line up, albeit not a strong one, for the matchup.

Weekly Move Total: 3/4 

Season Move Total: 12/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2019 Fantasy Football season. 

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