’19 Fantasy Football Week 11



Pinstripe Bowl dropped their second consecutive matchup and fell another spot in the standings.

With only three weeks remaining in the regular season, The Bowl couldn’t separate themselves from the rest of the crowd and secure a playoff spot. 



In what was scheduled to be a huge 25.06 victory for The McCaffinator, turned into a nail-biting 7.84 hard-fought victory.

The matchup stayed close with teams almost even by the end of the games on Sunday afternoon. The night-cap gave The McCaffinator some breathing room, which they held onto until the end.


We failed to meet our projected total of 118.45 by 14.71 points. Had we managed to collect those points and The McCaffinator settled on 111.58, we could have swung a 6.87 win. 

The New England Patriots met a robust Philadelphia Eagles defence in Week 11, and it cost a handful of our players some big points. The Patriots defence didn’t allow the Eagles to roam the field and held their high powered offence in check. 

It is safe to say that our quarterback, Tom Brady (New England), was our weakest player this week. He was the only player (-13.77) who didn’t reach his projections by double digits. Combined, two of our wide receivers, Terry McLaurin (Washington) and Mohammed Sanu (New England), mustered up 13.10 points. Stefon Diggs (Minnesota) had 23.10 all by himself, easily outscoring his two teammates. 

Our two running backs, Le’Von Bell (New York) and Ronald Jones II (Tampa Bay), tallied 20.60 points, still 2.50 points behind Diggs’ totals. 

Here are the rest of the week 11 scores:


Pinstripe Bowl can’t make its mind. In the previous week, we were on the losing end of a massive blowout. In this week’s defeat, we lost by only 7.84, which was the second closest matchup of the week. 

Mother Buckners mopped the field with KicknCoffinCorners with a 74.56 point mugging. We would have to look back at previous scores, but that could be the season’s highest point spread.

Two teams battled for a 4.56 point difference, while the other matchup featured a 59.96 difference in score.



Our second consecutive loss dropped us out of playoff contention with only three weeks to go. It is going to be a dog fight to see who finished in third and fourth place. Three teams are tied with 6-5 records, while two teams are right behind us with 5-6 records.

The only two spots that are secured are the first place (Mother Buckners 9-2) and the last place (KicknCoffinCorners 0-11).


Best Player in Starting Lineup: Stefon Diggs – WR Minnesota
Points: 23.10    Projected Points: 15.60     Stat Line: 121 yards / 1 TD

Worse Player in Starting Lineup: Mohammed Sanu – WR New England
Points: 3.20     Projected Points: 17.03     Stat Line: 4 yards / 1 catch

Best Player on the Bench: Phillip Lindsay – RB Denver 
Points: 9.50    Projected Points: 12.96     Stat Line: 67 rushing yards

Best Player in the League: Josh Allen – QB Buffalo (Free Agent)
Points: 36.84     Projected Points: N/A    Stat Line: 3 TD 256 yards


Immediately after our week 10 loss, we cut quarterback Daniel Jones (New York) and the New York Giants defence. 

Since we had a roster spot open, we reacquired Washington wide receiver Terry McLaurin who we cut the previous week.

We still have one roster left to fill.

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 12/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2019 Fantasy Football season. 

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