’19 Fantasy Football Week 12


tombradypumpedup.jpgThe moment you find out, it wasn’t fake news!

Pinstripe Bowl rebounded on the scoresheet and in the standings with a thrilling 120.60-115.50 victory over Trump Towers.

The Bowl started the week in fifth place, while a win catapults them into sole possession of the third place. 



In a narrow 2.03 projected margin of victory, Trump Towers held the lead over Pinstripe until late Sunday afternoon. Thanks to a subpar New England Patriots victory over the Dallas Cowboys, and a San Francisco 49ers blow out of the Green Bay Packers, we were able to take the lead and pull out a victory. 


When you crunch the numbers, you’ll notice we didn’t meet our projections by 2.79 points. Things could have been a lot worse, considering only three of the number players exceeded their point projections. 

Tight end Zach Ertz (Philadelphia), and George Kittle (San Francisco) saved the day by securing 21.10 extra points for our team. Combined with kicker Brett Maher collecting 2.01 extra points, helped secure our win. 

Tom Brady (New England) failed to meet his projections for the sixth time our of the last eight weeks. It has become quite evident in the northeast that the Patriots’ biggest flaw is their offence. Mohammed Sanu missed this week’s start because of an injury while running back Sony Michel on managed 8.50 points on our bench. We don’t know how the other Patriots are doing in fantasyland, but this year has been quite a rollercoaster ride for the defending champions. 

Emmanuel Sanders (San Francisco), 2.50 points, did not really partake in the 49ers 37-8 victory over the Packers. Meanwhile, Phillip Lindsay’s team, the Denver Broncos, failed to put any points up on the board in a 20-3 loss to Buffalo.

It is incredible when you look back that every player’s fantasy value really hinges on the overall play of their team. You could have the best player in the league, and he may be stuck on the Cincinnati Bengals, who haven’t won yet. While the best team left in the league, the 49ers, their star quarterback is ripe for the picking on the waiver wire every week.   

Here are the rest of the week 12 scores:


Pinstripe Bowl came out on top in Week 12, while securing the closet victory. Mother Buckners scored a 66.56 point victory over WATCH WHAT U SAQUON. Chod’s Team came in a close second on the blowout scale with a 30.96 win over Luck’sRetirementTour. Meanwhile, The McCaffinator helped itself lock up second overall with a 16.10 victory over the winless KicknCoffinCorners.



As the season winds down, teams continue to win and lose, which has made things exciting headed into the final two weeks.

Five teams all have a shot at the last two playoff spots (third and fourth overall).

We remain one of the lowest-scoring teams in the league, about 458.74 points out of first, and only 190.18 points out of last. Mother Buckners is a +330.30, while KicknCoffinCorners is -478.72. The only other team with a negative plus/minus is Chod’s Team at -39.14.


Best Player in Starting Lineup: Zach Ertz – TE Philadelphia
Points: 27.10    Projected Points: 15.67     Stat Line: 91 yards / 1 TD

Worse Player in Starting Lineup: Emmanuel Sanders – WR San Francisco
Points: 2.50     Projected Points: 13.58     Stat Line: 15 yards / 1 catch

Best Player on the Bench: Ronald Jones II – RB Tampa Bay 
Points: 15.70    Projected Points: 7.65     Stat Line: 51 yards / 1 TD

Best Player in the League: Lamar Jackson – QB Baltimore (Mother Buckners)
Points: 41.26    Projected Points: 26.46    Stat Line: 5 TD 169 yards


We made no roster changes during Week 12.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 12/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2019 Fantasy Football season. 

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