’19 Fantasy Football Week 13


tombradyloss13Well, that happened.

Pinstripe Bowl dealt itself a significant blow to its own playoff hopes. Meanwhile, New England went down to Houston and loss. It was never a game until late, but a rally in the big league didn’t translate to equal success on the fantasy board.

There is only one week left. It will be a must-win situation for The Bowl. They will have to pray for a miracle and a handful of losses for their competition. 



As you will notice from the black line, this matchup was never in doubt.

We had a minuscule 1.00-0.00 lead after Thursday night, thanks to the Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher imploding in prime time. His missed field goals on Thanksgiving was nothing to be thankful for. 

It wasn’t entirely over after Thursday’s debacle, but it also wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The orange line tells the tale of a team that never even showed up to play on Sunday and Monday. 

Truth be told, Pinstripe Bowl’s 54.10 points is the second-lowest weekly total of the season, narrowingly beating out KicknCoffinCorners 37.70 points from Week 9. 


We were afraid that our star quarterback, Tom Brady (New England), was going down to Houston and would struggle. That led to us doing some research and reading all the hype around Sam Darnold (New York) and this upcoming victory against the winless Cincinnati Bengals. Well, as fate would have it, Darnold and the Jets lost to the Bengals, and our colossal gamble did not pay off. 

Brady would go on to score 28.34 points in leading a late Patriots rally, while Darnold finished his miserable day with only 10.46 points. 

For the first time this season, every single player in the starting nine finished below their projections. If it weren’t for Brady’s 6.68 plus performance, the entire roster would have been in the red. 

We won’t even get into everyone’s personal performances. We will just break it down by committees.

Our two wide receivers, Stefon Diggs (Minnesota) and Terry McLaurin (Washington), combined for 12.00 points. Our running backs, Le’Von Bell (New York) and Phillip Lindsay, ran for a combined 19.90 points. Meanwhile, our two tight ends, Zach Ertz (Philadelphia) and George Kittle (San Francisco), chipped in 8.80 points. 

Our special teams were a train wreck with 1.00 points from our kicker and only 2.00 points from the New England defence. They got torched for 28 points in their second loss of the season. 

Overall, the final numbers show we failed as a team. 

Here are the rest of the week 13 scores:


Luck’sRetirementTour enjoyed the most significant margin of victory (59.96) in Week 13. The McCaffinator punched their ticket to the postseason with a 47.96 victory of WATCH WHAT U SAQUON. Trump Towers secured a 16.92 over KicknCoffinCorners to help ease their stress levels heading into the final week. Mother Buckners continue to roll with a comfortable 11.04 victory over Chod’s Team. 



Our loss in Week 13 didn’t affect our spot in the standings, as we remain in fifth place overall. 

The only thing that happened in the previous week is we lost a team in the dog fight for third and fourth. WATCH WHAT U SAQUON will not have a shot at the fourth place as they fell behind two victories. 

Four teams head into their final matchups with a lot on the line. It is truly going to be a win or go home. 


Best Player in Starting Lineup: Le’Von Bell – RB New York Jets
Points: 10.70    Projected Points: 17.89     Stat Line: 32 rushing / 35 receiving yards

Worse Player in Starting Lineup: Brett Maher – K Dalla
Points: 1.00     Projected Points: 9.08     Stat Line: 1 PAT

Best Player on the Bench: Tom Brady – QB New England 
Points: 28.34    Projected Points: 21.66     Stat Line: 326 yards / 3 TD

Best Player in the League: James White – RB New England (Trump Towers)
Points: 37.70     Projected Points: 12.07    Stat Line: 2 TD 98 yards


In one of the dumbest moves of the entire football season, Pinstripe Bowl signed free agent quarterback Sam Darnold from the New York Jets. 

After back to back 30+ point performances, the Jets rolled into winless Cincinnati and got pumped. 

In hopes of catching lightning in a bottle, we started Darnold, and it cost us dearly. 

Darnold was released first thing on Monday. 

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 13/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2019 Fantasy Football season. 

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