’19 NFL Pick’Em Week 14

Week 10 was our worse winning percentage of the season. After three weeks of producing winning records, we stumbled in Week 14.

No matter what we do, we remain a handful of points out of six and several touchdowns out of first.

Once Upon a Time in NE Picks

Thursday Night Football: Dallas @ Chicago (-1)

Chicago got me again!

Carolina @ Atlanta (-1)

I didn’t Carolina would tank the rest of the season. I was wrong.

Baltimore @ Buffalo (+1)

I didn’t think Buffalo stood a chance. They kept it close.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland (-1)

Well, someone from Ohio was a winner on Sunday.

Washington @ Green Bay (+1)

I still couldn’t believe the Packers only won by five points. Whoever thought they were contenders…

Detroit @ Minnesota (+1)

Minnesota won at home (again). Detroit thought they’d take a Sunday off.

San Francisco @ New Orleans (-1)


Miami @ New York Jets (-1)

The Jets got their revenge. Sadly I didn’t see that coming.

Indianapolis @ Tampa Bay (+1)

A nailbiter that went down to the finish… I just got lucky

Denver @ Houston (-1)

So that happened…

Los Angeles Chargers @ Jacksonville (-1)

The Jaguars let me down with this pick. Who lets the Chargers put up 45 points??

Oakland @ Tennessee (-1)

This pick was made weeks in advance. I have now switched all my Titans picks for the remainder of the season.

Kansas City @ New England (+1)

Sorry guys, I just didn’t think the Patriots had it in them.

Pittsburgh @ Arizona (-1)

The Steelers strike again. I really need to reelevate my Arizona picks from now on.

Sunday Night Football: Seattle @ Los Angeles Rams (-1)

I wonder if anyone in Seattle panicked after this miserable loss?

Monday Night Football: New York Giants @ Philadelphia (+1)

Somehow only 8% of people thought the Eagles were gonna blow this game. Eli Manning wasn’t going to save anything.

Total Points: 6 out of 16 (38%)

Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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