’19 NFL Pick’Em Week 13

After 10 correct picks two weeks ago, we only selected nine accurate teams last week. This week we followed those performances up with only eight right selections.

With only four weeks left, we remain the worse team in our pool.

Once Upon a Time in NE Picks

Thursday Thanksgiving Football: Chicago @ Detroit (-1)

Chicago fooled me once again.

Thursday Thanksgiving Football: Buffalo @ Dallas (-1)

I thought Dallas would show up on turkey day to defend their home field. I was way off on that prediction.

Thursday Thanksgiving Football: New Orleans @ Atlanta (+1)

At least I got one Thanksgiving day game right.

New York Jets @ Cincinnati (+1)

Something in my gut today me this was the day the Jets crashed and burned. They did just that.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis (+1)

Can anyone imagine if Tennessee was this good from the beginning?

Philadelphia @ Miami (-1)

Come on! How could 97% of people be wrong?

Green Bay @ New York Giants (+1)

The Giants are just not in the same league as the Packers.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh (+1)

This tilt ended up as the game of the season.

Washington @ Carolina (-1)

Silly me for picking a team that is one fire…and I don’t mean because they are winning.

Tampa Bay @ Jacksonville (-1)

I wonder who leads the all-time battle of Florida?

San Francisco @ Baltimore (+1)

In the first edition of Super Bowl 54, the Ravens prevailed. 

Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona (-1)

I thought Arizona was a better team overall. It was close but still picked the loser.

Oakland @ Kansas City (+1)

The Chiefs defence didn’t give up a touchdown. I’ll see them in the AFC Championship Game.

Sunday Night Football: New England @ Houston (-1)

Houston, the Patriots have a problem. A second-half comeback fell short, which meant nothing in the final box score.

Monday Night Football: Seattle @ Minnesota (+1)

Seattle is the dark horse to win the NFC. They continue to win when it matters most.

Total Points: 8 out of 16 (50%)

Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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