’19 NFL Pick’Em Week 16

With only one week remaining, we head into the final stretch looking for this dreadful season to come to an end.

Once Upon a Time in NE Picks

Saturday: Houston @ Tampa Bay (+1)

This was a more natural pick than the final score led on to be.

Saturday: Buffalo @ New England (-1)

So I went against my team, and it cost me a point.

Saturday: Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco (+1)

I used to think the 49ers were the Super Bowl favourites, now they barely win or lose games.

Jacksonville @ Atlanta (-1)

I rarely take the Falcons to win anything, let alone a football game.

Baltimore @ Cleveland (+1)

According to pick distribution, 4% of people thought Cleveland would win… haha

New Orleans @ Tennessee (-1)

My ankles still hurt from jumping off the Ryan Tannehill bandwagon.

Carolina @ Indianapolis (+1)

These were the Panthers I know would eventually show up.

Miami @ Cincinnati (+1)

The Dolphins won when it mattered the most. 

Pittsburgh @ New York Jets (-1)

Thank you, New York, for showing up at the wrong time.

New York Giants @ Washington (+1)

I thought Eli Manning was gonna take it, wow was I wrong. 

Detroit @ Denver (-1)

If anyone took the Lions seriously, they wouldn’t feel that way after this loss. 

Oakland @ Los Angeles Chargers (+1)

Oakland finally came through when I selected them!

Dallas @ Philadelphia (+1)

Twitter had a field day with another Cowboys loss. 

Arizona @ Seattle (-1)

So much for the Seahawks marching to the NFC championship game.

Sunday Night Football: Kansas City @ Chicago (+1)

Kansas City has only given up six points in the last two weeks. It will be an epic AFC championship game against Baltimore.

Monday Night Football: Green Bay @ Minnesota (-1)

Green Bay surprised me. Wonder what they got left for the playoffs?


Total Points: 9 out of 16 (56%)

Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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