’19 NFL Pick’Em Week 15

Week 15 saw us pick double-digit winners for the sixth time on the season. 

Once Upon a Time in NE Picks

Thursday Night Football: Baltimore @ New York Jets (+1)

Slam dunk pick.

New England @ Cincinnati (+1)

And they say cheaters never win… *wink wink*

Tampa Bay @ Detroit (-1)

Well, I didn’t expect Detroit to roll over so easy at home. 

Chicago @ Green Bay (+1)

Not many division foes go into Green Bay and win.

Houston @ Tennessee (-1)

So much for being on the Ryan Tannehill bandwagon.

Denver @ Kansas City (+1)

We all knew Kansas City would win…

Miami @ New York Giants (-1)

Damn Eli Manning strikes again.

Philadelphia @ Washington (+1)

I didn’t see the birds blowing this game. 

Seattle @ Carolina (+1)

The final score was closer than I could have imagined. 

Jacksonville @ Oakland (+1)

Jacksonville needed to win to keep their season alive. 

Cleveland @ Arizona (+1)

At least we know that Arizona is not a bottom dweller like Cleveland.

Minnesota @ Los Angeles Chargers (+1)

The Chargers are just waiting for the future.

Los Angeles Rams @ Dallas (-1)

Of course, Dallas shows up when I pick against them.

Atlanta @ San Francisco (-1)

If it wasn’t that last-second touchdown, I would have won this pick.

Sunday Night Football: Buffalo @ Pittsburgh (-1)

Pittsburgh was on a roll, then coughed up a win at home. 

Monday Night Football: Indianapolis @ New Orleans (+1)

This game will always be remembered for Drew Brees’ magical night.


Total Points: 10 out of 16 (62%)

Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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