’19 Canyon of Heroes Week 9

In week nine, Canyon of Heroes stole a victory from last season’s defending champions Willie’s Wee Turtles.

The win was our third in a row, which is a season-high. Thanks to a 6-5-1 victory, Heroes stayed in fifth place.



If you read the stats from left to right, you will notice that we didn’t collect any points until the power-play points category. We took three of the next four, before grabbing the last two for the win.

Overall, we only won three of the eight offensive categories and three of the four goalie categories.

Willie’s Wee Turtles scored two more goals than us and collected four more assists. They were by far the better team in plus/minus, where they outscored us by 11. After those categories, we outshot them by eight and out hit them by 14.

The goalie categories were so close you cut the tension with a knife. One win separated us, while only 0.18 points came between us in terms of goals-against average. The save percentage category was even closer, 0.903 to 0.901. We collected one shutout while they didn’t.


For the third time in the last three weeks, we lead the matchup for all seven days.



Three straight wins keep us in the hunt for a playoff spot, where the cut off is sixth place. Currently, we sit 11 points ahead of the seventh and 12 points out of first place. 


If you look back at the history of fantasy sports, we have to be one of the worse offensive teams to ever hold down a playoff spot.

Out of the eight offensive categories, we rank in the bottom four or five of those categories. As a unit, we amazingly sit at the top of the half of the league in the final three categories.

Our goalie platoon continues to rack up wins and shutouts (tops in the league), but their goals-against average and save percentage need some improvement.



Anaheim’s captain Ryan Getzlaf spent a lot of time on the bench during the matchup. The one game he played and didn’t contribute to the overall team numbers had no effect on the outcome of the matchup.

Meanwhile, the goalies who didn’t get the starting nod had terrific victories. The only thing we missed out on was those numbers for our overall totals.


Best Player – Ryan Pulock – New York Islanders – 28 points

Worse Player: J.T. Compher – Colorado Avalanche – 6 points


We made no roster transactions during the week nine matchup.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 6/60

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of the Canyon of Heroes 2019-20 fantasy hockey season. 

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