’19 Fantasy Football Week 15


brady15.pngSo much for that.

Pinstripe Bowl did not make the championship bracket, but still had a lot left fighting for. 

That was until our week 15 defeat. As the seventh seed, we played the sixth seed for a chance to end up in the 5/6th place game in week 16. 

Subpar performances up and down the lineup cost us any chance we had to finish as a higher seed.



For the umpteen week in a row, we were not a threat to our opponent. WATCH WHAT U SAQUON took the lead at the beginning, and we never got closer than the 15.82 points we ultimately lost by.

SAQUON didn’t meet their projections by 2.27 points, and we failed to reach ours by 4.91. Initially, we were 13.18 point underdogs and outdid ourselves by losing by more than our predictions. 

The loss dropped our overall record to 7-8, just the second time this season that we were below 0.500. 

The win helped propel the seventh overall seed into the higher seed playoff game in week 16.


There is a whole lot of red in our lineup. Five of the starting nine players failed to meet their projections. Meanwhile, two of the four bench players were unable to meet theirs. So when you add it all up, seven out of the 13 players on the entire team failed to produce in a playoff situation.

Our biggest mistake happened at the quarterback position. We made a judgemental call based on our hearts instead of being rational. Tennessee star Ryan Tannehill had been producing at a much higher rate than Tom Brady has. Instead, we played our hero, and it cost us 12.24 points. Considering we lost by 15, this one decision cost us more than any other.

When you look at the running back position, neither Phillip Lindsay (Denver) or Ronald Jones II (Tampa Bay) failed to reach double digits. Together they combined for 9.10 points. On the bench, two superstar running backs had more productive weeks, but those points didn’t count. Le’Von Bell (New York Jets) and Sony Michel (New England) combined to run for 22.10 points. That’s a difference of 13 points.

If you factor in those 13 points and Tannehill’s 12 points, we could have scored an additional 25 points. Those points would have given us 139 points and a victory.



When we look back at the week 15 scores, we are thankful that we didn’t play Mother Buckners. Their 199.08 points were the highest point total of any team any week this season.

For the second straight week, we finished as the fifth-highest scoring team, which meant we were probably going to be on the losing end. 

The heavyweights were out in force full as teams head into the final week of fantasy football. 


Best Player in Starting Lineup: George Kittle – TE San Francisco
Points: 26.40    Projected Points: 16.45     Stat Line: 134 yards 13 catches

Worse Player in Starting Lineup: Emmanuel Sanders- WR San Francisco
Points: 2.90     Projected Points: 13.68     Stat Line: 9 yards

Best Player on the Bench: Ryan Tannehill – QB Tennessee
Points: 27.16    Projected Points: 20.83     Stat Line: 279 yards / 3 TD

Best Player in the League: Lamar Jackson – QB Baltimore (Mother Buckners)
Points: 42.08     Projected Points: 26.01   Stat Line: 5 TD 212 yards


As Week 15 came to an end, so did our contractual obligations to Alshon Jeffrey (Philadelphia) and Jamison Crowder (New York Jets).

Both players were cut on December 10th. 

Two days later, we resigned New England kicker Nick Folk, who returned to action after a few weeks off. He replaced Sam Ficken (New York), who was cut.

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 14/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2019 Fantasy Football season. 

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