’19 Fantasy Football Week 16


brady16.pngA season of promise is… over.

Week 16 marked the end of the first-ever season of the Pinstripe Bowl. The final matchup also marked the sixth straight season we did not win a championship. 

Two weeks ago, we took on KicknCoffinCorners with our playoff lives on the line. It was a disaster week for us as we become their first victim of the season. 

They say revenge is sweeter, but this win in the final game of the season did nothing except end a promising season on a high note.

As we kicked off for the final time, we trimmed our roster down to just the core players with two subs. We were projected to win and rolled the dice one last time. 



We jumped out to an earlier lead on Saturday, thanks to the triple-header that afternoon.

Our lead only grew from there while Corners plateaued on Sunday afternoon. Both teams had players in the Monday Night game. His two guys failed to reach their projections, while our single guy (Stefon Diggs – Minnesota) managed to pad our final score.

The win gave us an 8-8 record for the season, 7-7 in the regular season, and 1-1 in the playoffs. 

We exceeded our projections by 0.47 points, and Corners failed to meet theirs by 16.57 points. Had both teams stayed the projected course, it would have been a lot closer. Instead, we got our revenge by 19.78 points. 


We headed into our week 16 matchup with just 12 players on the roster. Nine started, and four of those guys failed to meet their projections. Three guys sat out this week’s action and only one of them didn’t reach their potential.

Emmanuel Sanders (San Francisco) and Zach Ertz (Philadelphia) were the only two players who didn’t reach double digits. The New England Patriots defence gave us a subpar week with only 5 points. 

It takes another bad week from Tom Brady (New England) to keep him on the bench, so we rode the hot hand of Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee). The gamble paid off once again since he scored 8.44 points over the future Hall of Famer. 

Ronald Jones II managed to be our best running back (by 0.10 points) but was held out of the starting lineup. Sony Michel held his own as all four running backs managed to score over 10 points apiece. 

Everyone stayed close to their projections, except Ertz, who left his game with an injury and did not return.  



Congratulations to Mother Buckners, who won the 2019 Ladies and Edelman championship. They were the best team from start to finish. A lot of their credit is owed to drafting Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson in the 12th round.

One of the greatest highlights of our season is beating the eventual champions in Week One, 130.84-122.16. (They did get their revenge in Week 10, 159.62-116.52.) No matter what, though they lost twice, and one of those games was to us. 

We finished in 7th place overall, after securing the sixth overall spot in the standings.


Best Player in Starting Lineup: Ryan Tannehill – QB Tennessee
Points: 26.68    Projected Points: 21.43     Stat Line: 3 TDs 272 yards

Worse Player in Starting Lineup: New England Patriots Defence
Points: 5.00     Projected Points: 9.01     Stat Line: 4 sacks

Best Player on the Bench: Ronald Jones II – RB Tampa Bay 
Points: 19.90    Projected Points: 9.09     Stat Line: 1 TD 109 yards

Best Player in the League: Saquon Barkley – RB New York Giants (Luck’sRetirementTour)
Points: 43.90     Projected Points: 20.35    Stat Line: 2 TD 279 yards


In preparation for the final football matchup of the season, we made three roster moves.

On December 17, we cut the following three players; Mohamed Sanu (New England), Jordan Howard (Philadelphia), and Stephen Gostkowski (New England). 

If any of you have been keeping score at home, we held onto the #1 waiver wire claim for the entire season. We never used it. 

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 13/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2019 Fantasy Football season. 

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