’19 Canyon of Heroes Week 14

After showing up for their worse loss of the season in week 13, Canyon of Heroes kept the losing streak alive by dropping a 7-4-1 decision to the last place Pray for Mojo.



It was indeed another tough week for the Heroes as the offensive players and the goalies continue to struggle to put up numbers on the scoresheet.

We lost six of the eight offensive categories, and a handful of them was in double digits. Goals were separated by three points, while assists were in their favour by 12, which meant we lost by a total of 15 points. Power player points were five points apart while game-winning goals were three. Shots on goals also went their way, by 13 points.

Our two victories occurred in the plus/minus department (+2) and the hits category, which was won by 15.

Heroes’ goalies collected four wins and 3.21 goals-against average. No one collected a shutout this week, and our 0.897 save percentage wasn’t enough for a win.


Week 14’s matchup featured a lot of eights and sevens. There was one significant score change that happened on Thursday. After that, everything stayed the same until the final buzzer.



Even though Heroes lost by a few points, they managed to stay in the ninth spot in the standings. The only problem with that is the playoff spot is now 17 points away while first overall slowly fades into the horizon, by 44 points.


The most significant statistic to point out in the team stats category is our GAA and Save % have plummeted to the bottom third of the league.



Based on the matchup breakdown in the first paragraph, you can see that none of our bench players would have had a significant impact on the final outcome of the matchup.

Jacob Markstrom did not play on January 11 because we had just acquired him through the waiver wire and didn’t know he was starting. Those single-game numbers would not have altered any categories in our favour.


Best Player – Anders Lee – New York Islanders – 23 points

Worse Player: Zdeno Chara – Boston – 3 points (third week in a row)


Free Agent Signing – January 6, 2020

When we woke up on Monday morning and read the New York Post, we learnt that the New York Rangers had finally called up their future heir apparent to Henrik Lundqvist, Igor Shesterkin. In an instant, we cut ties with recently acquiring Noel Acciari (Flordia) to make room for the future all-star goalie.

Waiver Claim – January 10, 2020

We don’t mean any disrespect to Martin Jones (San Jose), but his team has struggled all season. Out of our five goalies, he has by far some of our worse numbers. When we were browsing the waiver pool, someone cut ties with Vancouver All-Star Jacob Markstrom. The moment we noticed the red hot Markstrom was available, we put in our claim and successfully added him to the lineup. He replaced Jones, who was cut to make room.

Weekly Move Total: 2/4 

Season Move Total: 9/60

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of the Canyon of Heroes 2019-20 fantasy hockey season. 

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