’19 Top of the Rock Week 21

In a world where the rich get more, and the poor get less, the same can be said about professional and fantasy sports. 

Our league had a consolation bracket for the playoffs, mainly for bragging rights amongst the bottom dwellers of the league. By default, we earned a spot in the tournament, yet were ushered right out of the semi-finals despite tying our matchup 4-4-2. It appears the higher seed gets to advance in this alternate universe, while the last place team moves on to play for the worse team championship.

Not fair by any means, but if the bottom is where we spent our entire season, might as well go down defending our home.


Our first game into the dance to finish as high as seventh place took a massive hit right out of the gate. Our offence was there to represent, but our goalies appeared to be out to lunch.

We went 4-1-1 in the six offensive categories, winning assists by five, plus/minus by 12, power-play points by two (rare), and shots on goal by eight. In the other two categories, we lost penalty minutes by five (rare), and tied goals with seven apiece.

Between the pipes, the guys let us down. No one collected a single victory, compiled the third-highest GAA over the season with 4.24 while stopping the lowest amount of the season with a 0.844 save percentage. Since no one claimed a win, that meant we would have been hard-pressed to earn a point in the shutout department.

The matchup was seven days long. We were ahead on three of the days, while our opponent took the lead for two. The other days we were tied at 4-4 apiece, the final outcome.


As you can see from the consolation bracket, we had a chance in the quarterfinals to move on and play the seventh-place team in the semi-finals.

Last season the team statistics didn’t continue into the playoffs, which allowed us to separate them. Quite honestly, it might have been in a different league, but either way, this year’s stats just carried over from the regular season.

Sadly our numbers got even worse, and those places we once held have slowly slipped away. Our goalie statistics continue to drop like a brick in the ocean while our offence slowly fades into the distance. At this rate, we have to be concerned that we will lose our stranglehold on penalty minutes.


The bench players would have done nothing to contribute to breaking the 4-4 tie we suffered through in week 21. All those missing points would have only padded our totals in the categories we already won.

Thankfully our goalies didn’t play, or our overall numbers would have looked even messier than they do now.


Best Player – Anthony Mantha – Detroit Red Wings – 21 points

Worse Player: Jacob Trouba – New York Rangers – 4 points


We did not make any roster moves during the first week of playoffs.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 16/40

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of the Top of the Rock 2019-20 fantasy hockey season. 

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