’19 NFL Pick’em Season Recap

Once Upon a Time in New England entered their third season in the Rick Rolled Pick’em fantasy pool. After finishing in third place in 2017, we found ourselves in the last place in 2018, where we ended up again in 2019. 

We followed two patterns from 2018, one was missing a week’s worth of picks (which hurt our overall record), and securing the only perfect week of the season. In 2018 we were the only team to pull off the feat, which we mastered again in Week eight. It was kind of funny since we missed picks in week six, only to rebound by going 12-2 in week seven and then 15-0. We came back to reality in week nine and the weeks to follow.

Team by Team Selections & Results

In 2019 we selected every team to win a game at least once. Obviously, we picked several organizations over a dozen times, but we tried to play fair and give everyone a chance to make their mark. Here were some of the highlights of our selections.

100% – We picked the Atlanta Falcons just once, in week 17, and they won. The only team that went 1-0 for a perfect selection record.

90% – The Baltimore Ravens winning percentage when picked. They went 10-1 in the 11 games.

83% – The winning percentage for the New England Patriots, our favourite team, who went 10-2. 

50% – Three teams finished with an even record when we selected them, Cleveland Browns (1-1), Denver Broncos (1-1), and the Los Angeles Rams (5-5). 

14% – Unfortunately, the Carolina Panthers had a terrible season, so did we when we picked them. They were 1-6 in the seven games we thought they’d win.

0% – Is the percentage we get for trying to imagine the Washington Redskins were capable of winning games. The Skins went 0-4 when we selected them.

22 – We selected 22 different teams, who produced a 0.500 winning percentage or higher. 

10 – There were only 10 teams that we selected who failed to produce winning records for us.

Weekly Recaps

There were 254 games this past NFL season. As you may have read up above, we missed our picks in week six, which lowered our total number of games to 241, which was until the Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals tied in week one, reducing our total number of picks to 240. 

144 – The total number of correct picks for the season.

96 – The total amount of wrong picks we amassed during the season.

13 – We were able to pick more winners than losers in 13 of the 17 weeks.

4 – Number of weeks we didn’t pick enough winners. 

100% – Our perfect week in week eight, 15-0.

86% – Thanks to a 12-2 record, we managed our best winning percentage in Week 7 (minus the perfect week).

60% – The overall score for our season picks (144-96)

23% – Week 10 had to be our worse week, where we went 3-10 for the lowest win percentage of the season.

0% – Because we didn’t make any selections in week six, we had a massive zero on our record.


Final Analysis

We have decided after three unsuccessful seasons at picking winners, that we would save our money for the 2020 season (if there is one). Our plan right now is to skip out on next year’s league and see if a year off will make us miss it. We play fantasy sports to win, and so far in our three seasons of Pick’em, we have never come close to winning.

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