’19 NFL Pick’Em Week 17

Since we are going to finish in dead last, we decided to throw our week 17 picks out the window.

There were 16 games on the schedule, and we selected the 16 underdogs.

Once Upon a Time in NE Picks

W – New York Jets (6%) @ Buffalo (94%)

The Jets sucked on the road, the Bills were mediocre at home. Someone had to win. 

W – Cleveland (87%) @ Cincinnati (13%)

The Bengals were terrible all year, why not tease the fans of success next year.

L – Green Bay (96%) @ Detroit (4%)

The Packers won by three… which is the number of losses they had and wins the Lions had. Go figure.

L – Los Angeles Chargers (2%) @ Kansas City (98%)

Kansas City really wasn’t gonna lose this game, unless the whole team didn’t show up.

W – Chicago (9%) @ Minnesota (91%)

Only three points and two wins separated the division rivals. Here’s to better things in 2020.

W – Miami (3%) @ New England (97%)

The end of an era in New England.

W – Atlanta (48%) @ Tampa Bay (52%)

Thanks to this, both franchises finished 7-9, you know six wins out of first place.

L – New Orleans (97%) @ Carolina (3%)

Carolina was a trash fire for most of the season. Someone finally put a lid on it. 

L – Washington (7%) @ Dallas (93%)

So Dallas beat up on the second worse team in their league. Start planning the parade.

L – Oakland (35%) @ Denver (65%)

Both teams tied with 7-9 records, too bad they play in the same division as Kansas City.

L – Arizona (11%) @ Los Angeles Rams (89%)

Almost a throwaway game at this point, with nothing to win or lose. 

L – Philadelphia (85%) @ New York Giants (15%)

Sadly no swan song for Giants legend, Patriots killer, Eli Manning. 

W – Indianapolis (83%) @ Jacksonville (17%)

Two of the four teams in the AFC South made the playoffs, it wasn’t either of these two.

L – Pittsburgh (23%) @ Baltimore (77%)

No one actually expected Pittsburgh to win, but it would have been funny.

W – Tennessee (28%) @ Houston (72%)

Tennessee looks to be an underdog in these playoffs. Watch out.

L – San Francisco (53%) @ Seattle (47%)

Seattle was a contender for many years, but this year is a different story.

Total Points: 7 out of 16 (43%)


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