’20 Fantasy Football Week 4

Pinstripe Bowl pulled the biggest upset of the season, to date, with 33.5 point victory over the undefeated and reigning league champions, Lamar the Merrier.

It was the champ’s third loss in two seasons and ruined their chance for a perfect season in 2020. The Bowl, meanwhile, improved to 2-2 on their season. 

As week four of the NFL season kicked off on Thursday night, neither team had players in the TNF game. When the players reported to the field on Sunday morning, Pinstripe Bowl jumped out to an early lead, and their quest for victory was never in doubt by sunset on Monday night.

All of the Bowl’s 156.22 points were scored on Sunday, while Lamar scored 113.62 on Sunday and a paltry 9.10 on Monday night. 

We managed to exceed our weekly projection for points by 21.49, while our opponents failed to meet theirs by 18.12.

We pulled off the huge upset victory thanks to Cleveland’s Odell Beckham, Jr, who went off on Dallas for 38.40. He was the main reason we were so good with our projections since he was 22.84 points over what the experts thought he’d pitch in on Sunday.

Five out of our ten starters failed to meet their projections, with quarterback Kyler Murray (Arizona) and wide receiver Stefon Diggs (Buffalo) barely eclipsing theirs by 0.76 and 0.55 points, respectively.

On the bench, only DJ Clark Jr. (Jacksonville) had a decent day, putting up 29.50 points to against his projected 14.73. His production was about five times that of his other bench mates, who combined for 9.10 points due to injuries and lack of playing time. Week four marked the first time this season that the bench failed to reach their projections as a whole.

Pinstripe Bowl scored the second-highest point total of the week in a rare event, almost catching the 158.38 points Pleasantly Plump put up in their matchup.

As COVID-19 begins to sink its teeth into the league, causing headaches with schedules, two teams failed to reach 100 points. Three teams who found themselves on the wrong end of the scoreboard actually scored more points than two teams who were fortunate enough to pull out a victory. 

Lamar manages to stay in the top spot despite their first loss of the season. They are still the best, thanks to an impressive 620.44 points in just four games. Nipping at their heels is KerryMy Johnson and Chod’s Team, who are also 3-1.

We find ourselves stuck on the highway to fourth place, where four teams currently sit at 2-2 records. 

After that, three teams try their best to stay out of the basement, which is currently being occupied by Trump Towers, the lowest-scoring team in the league. 

Most people would think that you would be the top player of the week when you put up an impressive 38.40 points in fantasy football. Unfortunately for Beckham Jr., that honour went to his competitor Dak Prescott (Dallas), who scored 42.28 in the loss to Beckham’s Browns.

Out of the starting ten players in our lineup, our tight end Hunter Henry (Los Angeles) is one of the weakest players. His 5.90 points could have been the difference in a close matchup; however, he was bailed out by his teammates in week four. 

For the second straight week, Pinstripe Bowl made some changes to their special teams, adding a new kicker and defence for their matchup. Sony Michel (New England) went to the IR, which opened up a backfield spot. We grabbed Ronald Jones II (Tampa Bay) to fill in after an impressive week three.

Weekly Move Total: 3/4 

Season Move Total: 6/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2020 Fantasy Football season. 

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