’20 Fantasy Football Week 7

The seventh week of the NFL season featured some crazy games and plays, with the game of the season quite possibly happening on Sunday Night. Lucky for us, we had two key players in the Arizona and Seattle shootout, which included quarterback Kyler Murray and kicker Zack Gonzalez who combined for 57.10 points in that game alone. 

The final score and point totals didn’t matter all that much since we had all but secured the matchup win by the end of Sunday afternoon. Thanks to a 64.40 point victory, we jump a game over 0.500 and remain in the third seed. 

Cleveland Steamerz jumped out to an early 5.80 lead after Thursday night football, which all but evaporated by the time the Sunday afternoon games started. The matchup was won and lost on the busy day of the week as Pinstripe Bowl scored all of their 139.50 while their opponents only put up an additional 69.30.

When you improve to 4-3 and become the second highest-scoring team in the league, you’d be surprised to see a win with only four of the starting 10 players reaching or exceeding their projections. That’s what happened with Pinstripe Bowl in week seven.

Both the offence and bench players barely met their quotas, exceeding expectations by 6.32 and 6.75, respectively. The offence owes a bit of gratitude to our star quarterback Kyler Murray (Arizona) and the Washington Football Team defence. Meanwhile, the bench was carried to respectability by just two players, Diontae Johnson (Pittsburgh) and Tom Brady (Tampa Bay). With Murray’s expectation, Brady and Johnson were our highest scorers, despite not being in the starting 10. 

It may have taken a few days and careful thought, but our general manager made a gutsy call regarding the flex position (WR/RB/TE), and it paid off enormously. Derrick Henry (Tennesee) was in Pittsburgh against a tough Steelers defence. Odell Beckham, Jr (Cleveland) was in a matchup against Cincinnati. You never want to bet against your first overall pick; however, we were worried he wouldn’t meet his projections. Henry still put up some points, while Beckham went down with a season-ending injury, thus scoring zero points. 

In other news, only one of our wide receivers scored more than he was supposed to, while all three of our running backs failed to meet or exceed their projections. 

The margin of victory for Pinstripe Bowl was the third-highest of the week, behind KerryMy Johnson’s 91.18 wins over Nukl Busters and EarlThomas’Brother 77.06 point beatdown on Pleasantly Plump. The other two margins of victories were just 13.06 and 5.02 points. 

The best team in the league, KerryMy, improved to 6-1 while putting up the first 200 points in a matchup this season. Meanwhile, our opponent Cleveland scored the least amount of points in a matchup so far with just 75.10. 

Last week we were the highest-scoring team in the league. This week we conceded that title to the league’s best team, KerryMy Johnson. They became the first club to join the thousand point club, while we remain 32.10 points away from joining them.

After seven weeks, teams are slowly breaking apart from one another, with two teams battling 2-5 records to stay out of the basement and three teams trying to get back to 0.500 with 3-4 records. The four teams with winning records hold down the top spots in the standings. 

Tyler Lockett (Seattle), a former member of the Pinstripe Bowl in years past, went on to have one of the greatest days in the history of fantasy football with an astonishing 53.00 points. His performance helped KerryMy Johnson score over 200 points in their matchup and remain the team to beat in our league. 

Our two best players were the play-callers, Kyler Murray (Arizona) and Tom Bray (Tampa Bay). After the “final play wins” game against Seattle, Murray and the Cardinals head into their bye week, so Brady will fill in as our starting quarterback.

The Miami Dolphins were on there by the week in week seven, so we needed to acquire a kicker’s services. Thankfully Zane Gonzalez (Arizona) was available. The Cardinals played in a 37-34 game against Seattle, where Gonzalez kicked the game-tying and game-winning field goals for 16.00 points. 

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 10/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2020 Fantasy Football season. 

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