’20 Fantasy Football Week 13

That look you get when your season is slipping away. 

For the second straight season, Pinstripe Bowl found themselves stuck in the midst of a three-game losing streak. In 2019, the losing streak occurred between weeks 3-5, and this year, the losses have come at the worse time, weeks 11, 12, and 13. 

In one of the most anticipated matchups of the season, the Bowl found themselves going head to head with the defending league champions Lamar the Merrier! as the two battle to gain a higher seed in the upcoming playoffs.

Initial projections had Lamar securing a 7.08 victory, yet reality stepped in and took the contest down to the final downs of Monday Night Football.

Neither team had players in the Thursday night game, so the matchup action started on Sunday. The Bowl jumped out to a slim lead 52.10 to 50.70 lead after all the games were contested. Things got extremely interesting on Monday with the doubleheader, Washington vs. Pittsburgh and Buffalo vs. San Francisco.

Lamar had three players left to play, and the Bowl had two. When it was all said and done, Lamar had outscored us on the day 47.30 to 40.30 to lock up the 98.00-92.40 victory and leapfrog us in the standings. 

Derrick Henry (Tennessee) has been our fantasy stud at the running back position. However, he picked week 13 to have his worse outing of the season, collecting just 5.90 points. Our gamble on New York Jets running back Frank Gore was a disaster since he played only a few plays and then got injured, giving us a whopping 0.20 points. Combined, our starting running backs scored a total of 6.10 points. 

Our tight end Hunter Henry (Los Angeles) provided us only 1.50 points, which was 8.71 points under his projections, while DJ Clark Jr (Jacksonville) was given a chance to join the starting lineup and managed to get half of his projections with 6.10 points. 

Kirk Cousins (Minnesota) joined the team to become our starting quarterback in week 13. We didn’t trust Kyler Murray (Arizona) because of a lingering injury, and Tom Brady (Tampa Bay) was on the bye with his teammate Ronald Jones II. 

Overall, only four out of the 12 eligible players this week managed to exceed their projections (+13.91), but even then, their numbers were not overly impressive.

Our matchup with Lamar the Merrier (98.00 – 92.40) was only the second contest this season with a winner who didn’t manage to score 100+ points. The tight score was also the fifth contest of the season, which featured a winning margin within five points. 

In other action, Pleasantly Plump’s 185.26 points are the second-highest total in a single week, coming some 17 points under the 202.20 KerryMy Johnson scored in week seven. Speaking of KerryMy, they scored 151.54 for the second-highest total of the week, followed by Chod’s team with 140.06. 

Trump Towers rounded out the winner’s circle with their 112.48 – 93.72 win over WATCH WHAT U SAQUON. 

As the season winds down, KerryMy Johnson is the only team who has clinched a playoff spot through week 13. The Bowl, Lamar, and Nukl remain deadlocked at 7-6 and fighting to stay in their playoff positions. 

Four teams have 6-7 records and remain one win out of a playoff spot. The final week of the regular season could make or break it for seven franchises.

Pleasantly Plump and Trump Towers have 5-8 records and will fight to stay out of the basement. 

Kirk Cousins (Minnesota) was a huge gamble for a team with one of the highest-scoring players in the league, Murray, already locked in the starting quarterback role. His selection paid off as he was our highest-scoring starter in his first appearance. Murray, meanwhile, was our highest-scoring bench player, coming in 4.98 behind the starter.

As mentioned before, Frank Gore (New York) was a transaction we wish we could take back, but the week has already gone by, and there is nothing we can change. Gore had to have one of the worse weeks in the entire league with his 0.20 points. 

Darren Waller (Las Vegas) went off to have a career night against those New York Jets, where he collected a league-high 45 points, thanks to 200 yards and two touchdowns.

Week 13 witnessed a bunch of changes with the Pinstripe Bowl lineup. Preston Williams (Miami) was initially a draft choice but is currently injured and done for the season, which resulted in his termination. Meanwhile, late-season acquisition AJ Green (Cincinnati) was picked up and never put up the numbers to warrant a spot in the starting lineup, so we cut ties. 

Tampa Bay was on the bye during the week, so we needed a new kicker and grabbed Chase McLaughlin to fill the void. 

The New York Giants were headed to Seattle and didn’t have a favourable matchup, so we cut them to make room for Cousins. The Giants shocked the football world with a victory of an impressive 13 points. The four-point difference between defences wouldn’t have gotten us a win, but it would have been a lot closer.

Finally, we cut Christian Kirk after a handful of subpar weeks in favour of Gore. The funniest thing about that transaction is Gore score 0.20 points this past week, and Kirk only collected 1.20 points, a difference of one. 

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 21/50

Stay tuned for next’s week recap of Pinstripe Bowl’s 2020 Fantasy Football season. 

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