4 Penn Plaza Week 3

Basketball games usually come down to the final play. Whether it is the dying seconds of the shot clock or the shot after the buzzer, time is always of the essence. 

Those analogies really sum up 4 Penn Plaza’s come from behind victory in their week three matchup. The boys waited for the final buzzer to win and remain one of the three undefeated teams. 

When we look back at our week three matchup with The Sauce Squad, we had absolutely no business winning by 9.10 points. 4 Penn Plaza trailed all week and only turned up their game on Saturday and Sunday. It was a nail bitter right down to the final game of the week on Sunday night.

While we were preoccupied with our fantasy hockey draft, we kept a separate window open that showed us trading leads as the seconds ticked down. It wasn’t until there were minutes left that we finally took the lead in the matchup, and the live projections tipped in our favour. 

The matchup started with The Sauce Squad holding leads of at least 55 points before they blew it open on Wednesday. Thanks to a solid night on Thursday, we were able to cut a 135.00 deficit down to 27.20 points before the wheels fell off the wagon on Friday. As the team teams headed into the weekend, Squad busted things wide open thanks to a 144.10 matchup lead. 

Thanks to a week-high 317.20 points on Saturday, not only did 4 Penn Plaza erase a deficit but flipped the script and grabbed their first lead of the matchup 1494.20-1457.30. The 216.70 points on Sunday were just enough to keep a slim lead and remain undefeated.

Our average for daily points was 244.41, a new season-high, while the matchup carried a 67.29 daily deficit, mostly in favour of our opponent. 

It has only been seven days since we last checked the league scoreboard, and our numbers got worse in two categories and improved a couple of others. 

As projected, 4 Penn Plaza is terrible at scoring baskets, where they find themselves as the 8th worse team in the league, which explains how they are even worse at assists. If no one is putting the ball in the hoop, it means no one can collect helpers. 

We remain the second-best team in regards to turnovers (210) and steals (148) and the best team when it comes to rebounds (940) and blocks (126). 

After three weeks of action, only three teams can dream of a perfect season. Ricardo’s Team lead the pack with 4393.20 points, followed closely by Ka’Wine & Dine at 4390.40. We fall in line in the third seed and have the third-most points on the season. 

Despite a losing record, 1-2, Mamba Mentality is the only other team with over 4000+ points. Ooga Booga occupied the bottom spot in the standings and is the only team to not reach 3000 points yet. 

One team has yet to make a transaction, Shooters Shoot, while three other teams have yet to hit double digits with roster moves. 

181.10 points 48.80 points

Andre Drummond (Cleveland) picked up his second-best player award with 181.10 points, a season-high. The centre collected 77 points, 68 rebounds, 11 assists, 5 steals, 3 blocks, and 18 turnovers. 

Elfrid Payton (New York) was at a disadvantage this past week since he joined the late in the matchup. The point guard scored a team-low 48.80 in two games with 28 points with 9 rebounds, 6 assist, 1 steals, along with 2 turnovers.  

January 8, 2021

Addition: Elfrid Payton – New York (Waivers)
Substitution: Robert Covington – Portland

Injuries and COVID forced our hand to make a roster move. As our players became unavailable, we needed a new player to come in and suit up for at least two days over the weekend. Elfrid Payton fit the bill, and his contributions assisted us in a huge win. 

Covington was cut because he was the lowest scoring player on the roster. 

Weekly Move Total: 1/4 

Season Move Total: 2/50

Follow 4 Pennsylvania Plaza all season long @keepingthestats or facebook.com/keepingthestats.

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