4 Penn Plaza Extend Win Streak to 5 Games

4 Penn Plaza remains among the elite teams in The Bubble as the boys slaughtered their competition in week five, improving to 5-0 on the season.

Thanks to one of the league’s biggest blowouts, 826.70 points, Penn Plaza remained one of the three undefeated teams in the league. 

Ooga Booga has struggled so far this year, going winless in their first five contests. They were not much of a contest this past week, falling behind early and never putting up much of a fight. The closest our opponents got to us was on day one, which was still considered a blowout 357.50-84.50. That was the day we held our smallest lead of the week at 273 points. The matchup only got more lopsided as the week went on and finished with some ugly numbers. 

We averaged 204.03 daily points, and the deficit between the two teams averaged an astonishing 530.50 points. 

Penn Plaza never trailed in the seven day series, the third time we were able to accomplish the feat. Our 1428.20 points were also the second-highest weekly total, just a few hundred short of our week three performance of 1710.90.

When we look into team stats, week five marked the fifth straight week to gain some points and lose some points.

Penn Plaza remains the top team in rebounds and blocks, and for the second straight week, the seventh-best team in regards to points scored. We dropped down a spot regarding steals and turnovers but made up for it and gained a spot in assists, our worse category. 

Three teams remain undefeated, and two teams remain winless. So far, nine teams have scored a minimum of 5000 points, while one has yet to reach the 4000 mark. The league’s two best teams have eclipsed 7000, and we are right on the heels with 6958.90.

One team has yet to alter their roster, and three teams are still in single digits. The league allows for 50 transactions, and second seed Ka’Wine & Dine is getting close with 31 moves. Two other teams, Mamba Mentality and The Sauce Squad, are halfway there. 

For only the second time this season, 4 Penn Plaza had players left on the bench, and their points didn’t factor into the final numbers. Mikal Bridges (Phoenix) was the odd man out on January 18, where he scored 34.60 points while on the bench. Sometimes those kinds of numbers can win or lose a matchup, but because we won by 826.70 points, his performance went unnoticed.

163.40 points 34.00 points

Anthony Davis (Los Angeles) led our team in scoring for the second time this season with 163.40 points. Davis collected 72 points, 32 rebounds, 16 assists, 5 steals, 6 blocks, and 4 turnovers. 

On the flip side, Donte DiVincenzo was our worse starter with just 34.00 points. The Milwaukee Bucks guard only notched 18 points, five rebounds, four assists, two blocks, with two turnovers. 

4 Penn Plaza did not make any roster moves during their week five matchup.

Weekly Move Total: 0/4 

Season Move Total: 5/50

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